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Name Last update Score Registered Description
dialect 1.5.0, 4 days ago 2.92019-Sep-07IRC parsing library
serve-d 0.8.0-beta.11, 20 days ago 2.92018-Mar-24Microsoft Language Server Protocol library and D Server
optional 1.3.0, 2 years ago 2.92018-Feb-25An optional/maybe type with safe dispatchingrange semantics
isfreedesktop 0.1.1, 7 years ago 2.92016-Mar-10Compile-time constant for Freedesktop.
dpp 0.4.13, 3 months ago 2.92018-Apr-09Include C/C++ headers directly in D files
rm-rf 0.1.0, 5 years ago 2.92018-Apr-04Delete folders recursively on windows with read-only content such as a .git folder
archive 0.7.0, 3 years ago 2.92014-Jul-29An archive library that supports zip, tar, and targz written entirely in D (with underlying gz imp…
sdlang-d 0.10.6, 3 years ago 2.82013-Mar-06Parse/Generate SDLang (Simple Declarative Language - cleaner than JSON/XML)
scriptlike 0.10.3, 4 years ago 2.82014-Feb-11Utility library to help you write script-like programs.
pbkdf2 0.1.3, 5 years ago 2.82016-Apr-03PBKDF2 implementation for D
xlsx 0.0.8, 4 years ago 2.82017-Oct-09Simple XLSX file parser.
during 0.3.0, 2 years ago 2.82019-Dec-05dlang wrapper around linux io_uring API
gfm 8.0.6, 2 years ago 2.82013-Nov-033D maths, 128-bit integers
libevent 2.0.2+2.0.16, 7 years ago 2.82013-Apr-27Deimos bindings for libevent, a cross-platform asynchronous I/O library
hunt-http 0.8.2, 10 months ago 2.82018-Jul-18Hunt-Http is a flexible performant http server and client. Support HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, WebSocket and…
poodinis 8.1.3, 3 months ago 2.82014-Jun-04A dependency injection framework with support for autowiring.
psd-d 0.6.2, 6 months ago 2.72021-Sep-15D PSD parsing library
fluent-asserts 1.0.0, 5 months ago 2.72017-Apr-03Fluent assertions done right
dportals 0.1.0, 3 months ago 2.72022-Oct-01xdg-portals for D
faked 5.0.0, 2 months ago 2.72019-Feb-19Library to create fake data based on faker.js (generate names, emails, addresses and much more)

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