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Name Last update Score Registered Description
mongostore 1.2.1, 5 years ago 0.52015-Oct-31SessionStore for MongoDB
more 1.0.0, 8 years ago 0.52014-Aug-07A library of D code
bindbc-libmicrohttpd 0.0.2, a month ago 0.52022-Oct-22Bindings for libmicrohttpd
drocks 0.1.1, 3 years ago 0.52019-Jan-24RocksServer db client
mir-toml 0.0.1, 13 hours ago 0.52022-Nov-29a mir-ion (de)serialization frontend for TOML files
simple-math 1.1.0, 8 days ago 0.52022-Aug-25Includes functions for solving equations and tasks using formulas from a school mathematics course.
toml-d 0.3.0, 8 years ago 0.52014-Aug-17A TOML parser for D
daffodil 0.1.3, 5 years ago 0.42016-Apr-14D Imaging Library
rainbow 0.0.2, 7 years ago 0.42015-Mar-16A terminal ascii colorizer for D programming language
mirage-injector 1.0.2, a day ago 0.42022-Nov-28A Poodinis value injector for reading config files using Mirage Config

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