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Name Last update Score Registered Description
derelict-cf 0.0.1, 8 years ago 0.52015-Jun-29A dynamic binding to the OSX CoreFoundation library for the D Programming Language.
derelict-mpg123 0.1.2, 7 years ago 0.52016-Oct-07A dynamic binding to libmpg123
hidapi-d 1.0.3, 5 years ago 0.52018-Jun-15D bindings for HIDAPI
libmemcached 1.1.2, 4 years ago 0.42016-May-30A memcached wrapper with D.
newxml 0.3.0, 6 months ago 0.42022-Sep-09XML parsing library with DOM implementation
npp-api 0.1.6-dev, 3 years ago 0.42019-Oct-07Notepad++ plugin library written in D.
quirks 0.7.0, 3 years ago 0.42019-Jun-25Metaprogramming library for the D language
toml-d 0.3.0, 9 years ago 0.42014-Aug-17A TOML parser for D
readconf 0.1.1, a day ago 0.42023-Mar-24Singleton for simple reading of the configuration file
daffodil 0.1.3, 6 years ago 0.42016-Apr-14D Imaging Library

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