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Name Last update Score Registered Description
jsonrpc 0.0.2, 3 years ago 0.02018-Oct-29JSON-RPC protocol library.
liberty-engine 0.0.15, 3 years ago 0.02018-Jun-30Simple, fast and modern 2D/3D engine.
zug-tap 0.2.6, 5 months ago 0.02019-Jul-03Basic TAP implementation for D v2
spirv_cross 0.4.0, 2 years ago 0.02018-Mar-26Bindings to Khronos' SPIRV-Cross
karasux 0.0.6, 12 hours ago 0.02021-Feb-16D library for personal use.
morph-dynalib 1.0.0, 2 months ago 0.02021-Mar-22A stand-alone single module for importing dynamic libraries.
dvardumper 0.0.3, 2 years ago 0.02019-Apr-07Variable dumper
sfmtd 0.1.0, 4 years ago 0.02017-Oct-11D port of Simd-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister
gpgme-d 1.6.0, 6 years ago 0.02015-Nov-13D Programming Language binding for GPGME.
wgpu-d 0.1.0-alpha.1, 6 months ago 0.02020-Oct-24D bindings to wgpu-native

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