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Name Last update Score Registered Description
poison 0.2.1, 5 years ago 1.62016-Nov-17The high performance cross-platform desktop/mobile UI engine.
vibejournald 2.0.4, a year ago 1.62020-Apr-08A vibe.d logger that logs into systemd's journald
dini 2.0.0, 5 years ago 1.62014-Nov-15INI-like format parser written in D.
markov 1.0.10, 3 years ago 1.62015-Dec-10A generic markov chain library
windows-d 1.1.0, 7 months ago 1.62021-Feb-20The D Windows SDK projections
onyx-log 1.5.0, 5 months ago 1.62015-Apr-16logging library for D.
libuv 1.38.0, a year ago 1.62016-Jul-22Deimos bindings for libuv, a cross-platform asynchronous I/O library
xxhash ~master, 4 years ago 1.62014-Feb-15D implementation of xxhash.
scone 2.1.3, a year ago 1.62016-Jan-17Simple Console
embd 0.2.1, 4 years ago 1.62013-Mar-06Low-level API for embedding D code into text.

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