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Name Last update Score Registered Description
dlang_koans 0.0.17, 3 years ago 1.92014-Dec-07A series of exercises to learn D Programming Language
serial-port 1.2.0, 6 years ago 1.92013-Sep-29Minimalistic serial port library. Exctracted from Tango library.
libhttp2 1.0.1, 3 months ago 1.92015-Mar-18An HTTP/2 implementation for D.
btrfs 0.0.19, 3 days ago 1.82020-Nov-06btrfs API for D
tabletool 0.5.0, 7 days ago 1.82022-Sep-24A table generator library inspired by Python's tabulate compatible with east-asian character
d_hdf5 0.3.0, 8 years ago 1.82014-Dec-26HDF5 bindings and wrappers for the D Programming Language.
pry 0.4.0, 6 years ago 1.82016-Dec-15Pry - practical parser combinators library for D
sargon 1.0.2, 8 years ago 1.82014-Dec-14D components
entitysysd 2.6.2, 6 years ago 1.82015-Jul-17Entity/Component System engine
user-auth 0.0.1-preview.1, 8 years ago 1.82012-Nov-01Provides multi-service user authentication methods.

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