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Name Last update Score Registered Description
printed 1.0.1, 6 months ago 1.52018-Sep-26Low-level API to generate self-contained PDF/SVG/HTML documents suitable for print
mongoschemad 4.2.1, a day ago 1.52016-Jan-10MongoDB Schema support
mir-integral 1.0.3, a year ago 1.52020-Feb-07Integration routines
harud 1.0.3, 2 years ago 1.52014-Sep-02D binding to libharu
symmetry-linux 0.0.12, 2 months ago 1.52019-Dec-10Linux declarations missing from druntime
nanogui 1.1.0, 2 months ago 1.52018-Apr-21Port of nanogui to dlang.
dssg 1.0.0, a year ago 1.52017-May-16A simple static site generator written in D.
dini 2.0.0, 5 years ago 1.52014-Nov-15INI-like format parser written in D.
qui 0.5.4, 4 months ago 1.52017-Apr-23A Text User Interface library.
prettyprint 1.0.7, 3 months ago 1.52020-Feb-13Pretty-print structured strings heuristically based on parentheses
xlsxreader 1.2.3, 5 months ago 1.52019-Jun-05A very simple xlsx reader
derelict-enet 4.2.0, 9 months ago 1.52014-Jun-28A dynamic binding to the ENet library.
dauth 0.6.4, 2 years ago 1.52014-Apr-06Authentication utility for systems based on salted password hashes.
plotd 1.0.1-beta, 5 years ago 1.52014-Sep-23Plot streams of data from the command line.
vibe-http 0.3.1, 3 months ago 1.52019-Dec-30HTTP server and client implementation and higher level HTTP functionality
dmagick 0.2.4, a year ago 1.52017-May-25An ImageMagick binding for the D Programming Language.
netcdf 1.0.2, 7 years ago 1.52014-Jul-25D bindings to the NetCDF library
hll-d 0.3.1, 4 years ago 1.52017-Feb-25HyperLogLog++: Cardinality estimationn
hunt-jwt 0.2.0-beta.4, 2 months ago 1.52019-Oct-11A D implementation of JSON Web Tokens
resusage 0.3.2, a year ago 1.52015-Jun-08Virtual memory, RAM, CPU usage by system or process

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