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Name Last update Score Registered Description
gelfd 1.3.3, 4 years ago 0.72015-Nov-12GELF protocol for D.
linenoise 1.1.0+1.0.0, 3 years ago 0.72014-Jan-28A small self-contained alternative to readline and libedit.
libtcod-d 1.6.7-1, 10 months ago 0.72017-Nov-15Bindings for using the excellent libtcod
sel-data 0.1.0, 3 years ago 0.72018-Sep-04Data provider for Minecraft (Bedrock Engine) and Minecraft: Java Edition
colored 0.0.23, a month ago 0.72017-Jul-03A minimalistic console coloring library.
fuzzyd 2.2.0-beta, 9 months ago 0.72020-Apr-13fuzzy search library
dstack 0.0.5, 5 years ago 0.72014-Jan-21An application library for the D programming language
grape ~master, 7 years ago 0.72014-Apr-26Cross-Platform 3D Game Library for D
dfuse 0.4.1, 11 days ago 0.72015-Jun-27A D binding for libfuse
dtest 0.2.6, 6 years ago 0.72014-Mar-06Utility to generate main file for unit test registration and running with unit-threaded

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