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couched ~master, 3 years ago2014-Feb-24CouchDB client
action-pack ~master, 3 years ago2013-Dec-24A router and controller implemenation for use with vibe.d
uv ~master, 3 years ago2014-Feb-24D bindings for libuv
flac ~master, 3 years ago2013-Jul-10Deimos bindings for flac, a free lossless audio codec library
civge ~master, 3 years ago2014-Mar-113D game engine
webcaret ~master, 3 years ago2014-Feb-22Experimental Web Framework on top of Heaploop.io
router ~master, 3 years ago2014-Feb-24Web Router for D
pc ~default, 3 years ago2013-Dec-31Precise console calculator.
pubsub-d ~master, 3 years ago2014-Jan-09Publish/Subscribe implementation for D
derelict_extras-purple ~master, 3 years ago2013-Dec-20Dynamic bindings to (lib)purple for the D Programming Language.
derelict_extras-glib ~master, 3 years ago2013-Dec-20Dynamic bindings to glib-2.0 for the D Programming Language.
std_event ~master, 3 years ago2013-Dec-03A .Net inspired event library implementation for D.
cookbook ~master, 3 years ago2014-Jan-03A port of cookbook-hs to D.
process-stats ~master, 3 years ago2014-Jan-03Functionality for gathering statistics about subprocesses.
fileslurp ~master, 3 years ago2013-Dec-27structured text files loading library
stalkd ~master, 4 years ago2013-Dec-10Library for interacting with the Beanstalk message queue.
dzmq ~master, 4 years ago2013-Nov-23A D wrapper around the ZeroMQ C bindings
decklink4d ~master, 4 years ago2013-Oct-24D Binding for Blackmagic DeckLink API
lz4-d ~master, 4 years ago2013-Oct-10D Binding to the Fast LZ Compression Algorithm
derelict_extras-opendbx ~master, 4 years ago2013-Aug-30OpenDBX bindings for 1.4.6

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