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3D physics engine

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dmech stands for "D mechanics": it is a real-time 3D physics engine written in D language, capable of simulating rigid body dynamics. It is more suitable for computer games than scientific simulations: the goal is to convince a player, rather than giving accurate results. dmech is GC-free and fully platform-independent, it can be used with any API or graphics engine.

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  • Impulse-based rigid body dynamics with iterative SI solver
  • High-performance collision detection (MPR algorithm)
  • Basic geometry shapes (sphere, box, cylinder, cone, ellipsoid)
  • Support for any convex shape defined by support mapping
  • Multiple geometries per body
  • Arbitrary static trimeshes (collision detection is optimized via BVH)
  • Body constraints: distance, angular, slider, ball-socket, prismatic, hinge
  • Persistent contact cache
  • Ray cast support
  • Ownership-based memory management
  • Partial C API (will be finished soon)

Planned in future:

  • More shapes (capsule, plane, convex hull, etc.)
  • Minkowski sum shape
  • Force fields
  • Convex cast
  • In long-term: vehicle engine, particles, soft-body physics, OpenCL support


dmech heavily relies on dlib - a collection of utility libraries for D, including linear math and computational geometry functionality.


See tutorials.

Usage examples

You can find some simple examples in demos directory.

More advanced, real-world usage examples are Dagon demo application which features vehicle physics and provides better graphics and interesting user interaction, and Atrium, an in-development physics based action game.


Copyright (c) 2013-2020 Timur Gafarov. Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying file COPYING or at

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