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Name Last update Registered Description
colourfulmoon 1.0.2, 10 months ago 2016-Feb-13Paint you terminal!
seekingwhirl 1.0.7, 10 months ago 2016-Jan-03Library for work with DuckDuckGo API
injected 0.1.0, 10 months ago 2016-Aug-11Dependency injection framework
matplotd 0.0.1, 10 months ago 2016-Aug-10Plot charts with Matplotlib
onyx-log 1.2.1-rc3, 10 months ago 2015-Apr-16Log library by D
unixtime 0.1.0, 10 months ago 2016-Aug-09Simple portable wrapper for handling POSIX Time (ie Unix Time)
dolina 0.5.3, 10 months ago 2015-Jan-29Omron HostLink PLC communication library
hprose-d 1.2.3, 10 months ago 2015-Feb-08Hprose for D.
pack-d 1.0.1, 11 months ago 2014-Mar-09Binary I/O helper
phlogiston 2.0.2, 11 months ago 2016-Jul-28Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) assembler / disassembler.
mysql-d 0.3.3, 11 months ago 2014-Jun-17Mysql client C library binding.
codebuilder 1.0.0, 11 months ago 2016-May-10Provides management of constructing code strings and inserts file line information to improve debu…
protocolbuffer 0.0.0, 11 months ago 2016-Jul-21A backend library for the implementation of a ProtocolBuffer compiler.
fswatch 0.2.0, 11 months ago 2016-Jul-18a cross-platform folder & file watching library using win32, inotify or std.file
doveralls 1.3.1, 11 months ago 2014-Aug-01Upload D code coverage results to coveralls.io.
kontainer 0.0.2, 11 months ago 2016-Feb-28Container Collections for D language
clipboard 1.0.0, 11 months ago 2016-Jul-15A Clipboard Library
orange 1.0.0, 11 months ago 2016-Jul-15Orange is a serialization library for the D programming language
database 0.0.1, 11 months ago 2016-May-25A D standard database proposal and implementation
ws 1.0.8, 11 months ago 2015-Jul-20weltensturm-library

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