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Name Last update Score Registered Description
botan 1.13.6, 26 days ago 4.92015-Feb-23A D library for crypto and TLS
handy-httpd 7.13.0, 26 days ago 4.02022-Jan-07Extremely lightweight HTTP server for D.
path-matcher 1.1.3, 26 days ago 1.22023-Oct-18Simple library for matching URLs to patterns, using a limited syntax.
dtools 2.106.0-rc.1, 27 days ago 2.52018-Jun-18D Tools
undocumented 0.0.6, 27 days ago 0.62023-Nov-01Provides some declarations to undocumented Windows API functions
arsd-official 11.2.3, 27 days ago 5.02015-Jun-01Subpackage collection for web, database, terminal ui, gui, scripting, and more with a commitment t…
nwn-lib-d 1.1.0, 28 days ago 2.32018-Jun-26Library & tooling for Neverwinter Nights 2 resource files
graphqld 5.1.4, 29 days ago 3.82019-Feb-25A library to handle the GraphQL Protocol
darser 1.0.2, 29 days ago 1.02019-Mar-20A D Parser and AST Generator.
seh 0.0.22, 29 days ago 0.82023-Oct-24Unhandled SEH for D

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