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ANSI to HTML converter

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

ath - ansi to html

ath is both a command line tool and a D library for converting text containing ANSI escape sequences into HTML.


  • 3-bit, 8-bit and 24-bit color support
  • Basic SGR sequences (bold, italic, underline, blink, crossedout, invert, hide, faint, overlined)
  • Cursor control sequences (if buffer is enabled)
Not (yet) implemented:
  • Obscure SGR sequences not listed above (most notably invert and hide)
  • OSC sequences
  • Some C0 control codes (like tab or backspace)

Command Line Tool


To install the command line tool, make sure you have ldc2 and dub installed. Then, just run:


sudo make install


The command line tool reads the input stream and converts the containing ANSI into HTML. You can view ath --help for optional arguments and example commands.


The library exports a single function ansi_to_html with three overloads:

string ansi_to_html(string ansi, AthOptions options)

This is the simplest one. It takes a string as a input and returns a string as a output.

File ansi_to_html(File input, AthOptions options)

This overload works with pipes in the form of Files. You pass it a File as the input and it returns you a File as a output to read. This is especially useful if you decide to disable the buffer (see explanation below).

void ansi_to_html(File input, File output, AthOptions options)

Pretty much the same as the previous overload, but this time you can pass the output File directly instead of the function creating one for you.

Optional Arguments

You can pass optional arguments in the form of the AthOptions struct. For example:

AthOptions options = { noPre: true };
writeln(ansi_to_html("abc\rxy", options)); // "xyc"

You have the following options available:

bool noBuffer (by default false)

By default ath keeps the input stream in a buffer, allowing for cursor sequences to be used. Use this option to disable that behaviour and directly pass the input stream through. May improve performance and memory consumption. Only really makes sense if you use the piped version of the ansi_to_html function.

bool dark (by default false)

Use a dark color scheme.

bool document (by default false)

Generate a whole HTML document instead of just the <pre>...</pre> tag.

bool noPre (by default false)

Also leave out the <pre> tags.


Thanks a lot to theZiz for his great tool aha. I basically ported his code to D and improved on it. I would have just contributed upstream, but I needed a D library and thus it wasn't possible for me (with my technical knowledge) to just use aha.

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