crash-game 0.1.1

Some clone of an arcade game

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A clone of an arcade game I enjoyed playing when I was a kid.


This is actually a D port of the original C# code I wrote (never published it though) where I tried out Xamarin and MonoGame. Both frameworks are really nice to work with, but I've been wanting to try out a completely new programming language as well (side-note: while looking for new languages I preferred compiled languages over interpreted ones since I already do a lot of Ruby, which is still my main love ❤️). After a long time of searching, it looks like I finally found a match: D. Oh, and porting the code took about three days.

Anyway, here's instructions on how to build (and run) it:


  • DMD 2
  • DUB
  • sdl2, sdl2image, sdl2ttf, sdl2_mixer

On macOS you can install these dependencies using homebrew:

brew install dmd dub sdl2 sdl2_image sdl2_ttf sdl2_mixer


Building is easy.

dub build

This should generate a ./crash-game executable in the repo root. Run it!



Authors: Georg Gadinger

Dependencies: dgame

0.1.1 2017-Jun-17
0.1.0 2017-Jun-15
~master 2017-Jun-17
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