darser 0.1.0

A D Parser and AST Generator.

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


Darser: A LL(1)+ Parser/Ast Generator

Given a language BNF, as e.yaml, darser will generate a parser, a set of classes making up the AST, a visitor class and a AST printer class. The parser, AST, and visitor can be extended by hand written extensions, see $ darser --help for more information.


    Postfix: [PostfixExpression#post]

    Primary: [PrimaryExpression#prim]
    Array: [PrimaryExpression#prim, lbrack, Expression#expr, rbrack]
    Call: [PrimaryExpression#prim, lparen, Expression#expr, rparen]

    Identifier: [ identifier#value ]
    Float: [ float64#value ]
    Integer: [ integer#value ]
    Parenthesis: [lparen, Expression#expr, rparen]

Expression, PostfixExpression, and PrimaryExpression are rules. One level of indentation gives the subrules. All subrules for one rule must the representable by a trie. The entries in the square brackets are the rule elements. Rule elements are either tokens or rules. Rules start with upper case letters token with lower case letters. If a rule element is followed by a # it is stored in the AST node. Rule elements that appear in multiple sub rules and are stored need to have the name.

The Lexer passed to the ctor of Parser needs to be an input range.

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