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D OpenSimplexNoise Implementation

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Manual usage
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dosimplex - D OpenSimplexNoise Implementation

OpenSimplexNoise is a noise algorithm similar to perlin noise and simplex noise. The big plus however is that its not patentet but released into the public domain.

What is this now

This project tries to implement the reference implementation (wich is in java) in D. Currently, this is in development.

Who created OpenSimplex noise

Credit to the creator(s) of this algorithm: and the reference implementation


See the LICENCE file. The algorithm is public domain, this code is MIT Licenced.

  • Malte Kiessling
0.3.2-beta 2016-Feb-21
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0.3.0-beta 2016-Feb-21
0.2.0-alpha 2016-Feb-06
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