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Version0.0.1 (2017-Mar-20)
CopyrightCopyright © 2016, Kaleidic Associates Ltd
AuthorsLaeeth Isharc, Stefan Koch, Atila Neves
Registered byAtila Neves


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Excel API bindings and wrapper API for D

This dub package contains D declarations for the Excel SDK as well as a D wrapper API. This allows programmers to write Excel functions in D.

A working XLL example can be found in the example directory. Running dub build there will create an XLL (myxll32.xll) that can be loaded in Excel making all of the functions in test/xlld/test_d_funcs.d available to be used in Excel cells. The types are automatically converted between D native types and Excel ones. To build the example: dub build -c example.

For this package to build you will need the Excel SDK xlcall32.lib that can be downloaded from Microsoft. Copying it to the build directory should be sufficient (i.e. when building the example, to the example directory). The library file should be useable as-is, as long as dub build is run with --arch=x86_mscoff to use Microsoft's binary format. If linking with optlink, the file must be converted first. We recommed using link.exe to not need the conversion.

Excel won't load the XLL automatically: this must be done manually in File->Tools->Add-Ins. Click on "Go" for "Excel Add-Ins" (the default) and select your XLL there after clicking on "Browse".

Currently only tested with 32-bit Excel 2013 on 64-bit Windows.

Available versions

0.0.1 ~master