glui 0.2.0

A simple UI library designed for IsodiTools and Samerion

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Manual usage
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A simple high-level UI library designed for use in IsodiTools and Samerion. I decided to write it because making one comes out to be faster and easier than trying to make raygui or imgui work in D.

It implements a tree node structure, but doesn't provide an event loop and doesn't create a window, making it easier to integrate in other projects.

It is guaranteed to work with Raylib, but might not work with other libraries or frameworks.

glui has a poor feature set at the moment and new features will be added as needed.

  • Soaku
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glui:example-showcase, glui:example-onions
0.2.0 2021-Apr-25
0.1.0 2021-Mar-13
~main 2021-May-02
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