libsoundio-d 1.1.1

D translation of libsoundio

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Translation from C to D of libsoundio (commit a46b0f2).

Libsoundio is a library for cross-platform real-time audio input and output.

It is licensed under the MIT License. The translation is not affiliated with the original project.

Currently not all backends are translated.

BackendTranslatedUsed for
Jack🟠 Yes (untested)See JACK FAQ
Pulseaudio✔️ YesLinux (higher-level)
Alsa✔️ YesLinux (lower-level)
WASAPI✔️ YesWindows
Core Audio❌ NomacOS
Dummy✔️ YesTesting


Add this package as a dependency to your project.


dependency "libsoundio-d" version="~>1.0.0"


"dependencies": {
	"libsoundio-d": "~>1.0.0"

And then use it:

import soundio.api;

void main() {
	SoundIo* soundio = soundio_create();
	// your app

The configuration should be automatically selected based on your platform, but you can also choose one explicitly:

  • linux
  • windows
  • dummy


subConfiguration "libsoundio-d" "dummy"


"subConfigurations": {
	"libsoundio-d": "dummy"

On Linux, you should have ALSA and PulseAudio installed (which you probably have by default, otherwise look up how to install it).

The following version identifiers are used:


Run the examples

Assuming your current directory is the root of this repository:

dub run libsoundio-d:sine
dub run libsoundio-d:list-devices -- --short
dub run libsoundio-d:microphone -- --latency 0.05
dub run libsoundio-d:record -- output.bin

Run the tests

dub run libsoundio-d:backend-disconnect-recover
dub run libsoundio-d:latency
dub run libsoundio-d:overflow
dub run libsoundio-d:underflow
dub run libsoundio-d:unit-tests

Translation events

The translation is closely converting C-syntax to D-syntax, no attempt to change the style to idiomatic D has been made. There are a few exceptions where certain constructs had to be changed however.

  • ALSA defines certain structs with an unknown size at compile time. There are specific alloca macros that allocate these structs on the stack, and libsoundio uses these. I translated these with malloc and free variants, because alloca has its own share of problems.
  • Libsoundio has certain static functions with the same name across backends: both ALSA and Pulse have probe_device and my_flush_events. Since D does not have C's notion of static functions (even private functions emit symbols), this introduces a name clash. Worse, because DMD emits weak symbols, it gives no multiple definition error, but instead silently calls the wrong function: The Pulse backend calls probe_device from the alsa backend instead of its own. This is mitigated by making those functions extern(D) giving them unique names.
  • D does not have C bindings of stdatomic.h, so I used equivalent functionality from core.atomic. core.atomic has no direct equivalent of 'flag test and set'. I initially translated as cas (compare and swap), but return value needed to be negated. atomicFetchAdd was added in dmd 2.089 and is not supported in LDC as of 1.22, so I used atomicOp!"+=" instead.
  • On Windows InterlockedIncrement and InterlockedDecrement are not in the shipped import library "Kernel32.lib". I replaced it with a corresponding atomicOp!"+=" and atomicOp!"-=".
  • On 32-bit Windows, 64-bit atomic operations are not supported. The SoundIoRingBuffer uses ulong for its read and write offset, even on 32-bit. I changed these to a size_t instead.
  • Use of fprintf(sderr, ...) on Windows with extern(C) main triggers issue 20532. A custom printf_stderr function was made to work around this.
  • dkorpel
Sub packages:
libsoundio-d:sine, libsoundio-d:list-devices, libsoundio-d:record, libsoundio-d:microphone, libsoundio-d:backend-disconnect-recover, libsoundio-d:latency, libsoundio-d:overflow, libsoundio-d:underflow, libsoundio-d:unit-tests
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