qui 0.6.0-alpha2

A Text User Interface library.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


QUI is a widget based Text User Interface library for the D Language.


  1. Widget based
  2. Mouse events
  3. Scrollable widget container
  4. Timer events

Setting it up

To use qui in your dub package, run this in your dub package's directory: dub add qui

Getting Started

Some built in widgets are contained in qui.widgets, and the base classes are in qui.qui.

You should also read through docs/*.md for a quick start on how to use and write new widgets.

Building demo

The included demo configuration (source/demo.d) demonstrates the usage of some of the included widgets. To build & run it, run the following:

dub fetch qui
dub run qui -b=release -c=quidemo


See docs/ for documentation on how to use qui and how to write widgets.

Additionally, you could also see source/qui/widgets.d and see some existing widgets, this can be helpful in writing new widgets.

Known Issues

See the issues tab. If you came across some new issue, start a new one.

TODO for upcoming versions

  1. none. Open to suggestions, use issues for suggestions.


QUI is licensed under the MIT license - see LICENSE.

QUI uses Adam D. Ruppe's terminal.d which is licensed under the Boost License - see source/arsd/LICENSE.

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0.6.0-alpha2 2022-Oct-16
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