qui 0.5.5

A Text User Interface library.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


QUI is a widget based Text User Interface library for the D Language.


  1. Widget-based
  2. Easy to add more widgets
  3. Widgets are isolated, each widget draws in it's own "area"
  4. Easy to get started with (source/demo.d explains how to use most of it)
  5. Event-based
  6. Timer Events, the timer duration can be changed
  7. Support for mouse events
  8. Most, if not all, of the code is commented
  9. Unicode characters supported

Setting it up

To use qui in your dub package, run this in your dub package's directory: dub add qui

qui also uses utils package, and you will also need it in your package, so you also need to do: dub add utils and add following import to your code.

import utils.misc : uinteger, integer;

Getting Started

All the widgets are contained in qui.widgets, and the base classes are in qui.qui. You should also read through docs/*.md for a quick start on how to use and write new widgets.

Building demo

The included demo configuration (source/demo.d) demonstrates the usage of some of the included widgets. To build & run it, run the following:

dub fetch qui
dub run qui --b=release --c=quidemo


See docs/ for documentation on how to use qui and how to write widgets.

Additionally, you could also see source/qui/widgets.d and see some existing widgets, this can be helpful in writing new widgets.

Known Issues

See the issues tab. If you came across some new issue, start a new one.

TODO for upcoming versions

  1. Have QLayout manage scrolling of long widgets instead of implementing it in each widget


QUI is licensed under the MIT license - see LICENSE. QUI uses Adam D. Ruppe's terminal.d which is licensed under the Boost License - see source/arsd/LICENSE.

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