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The Retrograde Game Engine

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Manual usage
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The Retrograde Game Engine

Copyright Mike Bierlee 2014-2017 Version 0.0.0 Licensed under the terms of the MIT license - See LICENSE.txt

Retrograde is a general purpose game engine. Currently it is in alpha state and not fit for production. Many usual engine systems are missing or incomplete. Incomplete 2D and 3D renderers are available.


  • Core update and render loop with fixed time-stepping and variable render rate.
  • SDL2-based OS event handling and windowing system.
  • Component-based entity system.
  • Synchronous, immediate messaging system for events and commands.
  • Modular design using dependency injection.
  • SDL2-driven 2D renderer.
  • OpenGL 4.5 3D renderer.
  • Assimp-driven 3D model pipeline.
  • Tiled 2D map pipeline.

Dependencies on projects written in C:

  • SDL2 2.0.5 (
  • SDL2Image 2.0.0 (

Guaranteed to be compatible with the latest version of D (DMD) only. Can be built with DUB.

  • Lostmoment
  • Mike Bierlee
derelict-assimp3, vibe-d:data, poodinis, vibe-d:http, openssl
0.0.0 2017-Sep-04
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