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D XML/JSON serialization code generator based on boilerplate

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Serialized is a library that automates encoding and decoding of D data types to JSON and XML.

It heavily relies on boilerplate to extract information about struct/class type layouts; as such automatic encoding/decoding can only be used with types that have a boilerplate constructor.

This library forks from Funkwerk's internal Utilities library. Hence while it is extensively tested, it also contains a moderate amount of legacy code. The important packages for automatic encoding and decoding are text.xml/json.Encode/Decode.

Serialized uses dxml for XML encoding/decoding and stdx_data_json for JSON encoding/decoding.

Basic usage: XML

import text.xml.Xml;

struct Element
  string attribute;



import text.xml.Decode;

const xmlText = `<Root attribute="Hello World"/>`;
const value = decode!Element(xmlText);

assert(value == Element("Hello World"));

Basic usage: JSON

import text.xml.Xml;

struct Element
  string attribute;



import text.json.Decode;

const jsonText = `{ "attribute": "Hello World" }`;
const value = decode!Element(jsonText);

assert(value == Element("Hello World"));


This project is made available under the Boost Software License 1.0.

  • Mathis Beer
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