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A runtime configuration management utility

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


yamkeys is a simple runtime configuration file format, built with vibe.d in mind.


To start, write a configuration file in config.yaml or config/config.yaml.

The first line should specify what the default configuration is:

default: dev

Next, you specify various configurations (e.g. dev, test, prod, etc). Each configuration has a mapping of keys which correspond to parts of the program that need configuration:

     port: 3000
     accessLogFile: dev.log
 access_key: admin
     port: 80
     accessLogFile: logs/prod.log

For settings which don't belong in the repository (e.g. passwords), use local.yaml:

# don't commit me, I belong only on production server

# which config in config.yaml to use
config: prod

    access_key: pzkdgC2YlDXu2zIhTPwnh9sCy20HnX87YsuMcldM

To incorporate it into your program, use the configure template:

import yamkeys;

mixin(configure!(HTTPServerSettings, "http_server"));
mixin(configure!(string, "access_key"));

To read it, use the key as a function of config:

listenHTTP(config.http_server, router);

bool verify(string accessKey) {
	return accessKey == config.access_key;

Now, building your app, you can run:

$ myapp [--config=[name]]

It will read all the configurations at the start of the application (you must restart it to change settings).

You can specify the config at the command line, or as the config in local.yaml, otherwise the default will be used.

  • for vibe.d users: if you use an argument vibe.d doesn't recognize, usage will be printed, but it will still work.
  • both .yaml and .yml are recognized.
  • this is an alpha version, contact me if you have any questions.


Just use the dub repository yamkeys, or include source/yamkeys.d wherever.

dyaml is a dependency.

Full public API

There isn't much more than what's in the tutorial, but it's available at docs/yamkeys.html.

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