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Name Last update Score Registered Description
dtools ~master, 9 days ago 4.82018-Jun-18D Tools
gfm 8.0.1, 15 days ago 4.82013-Nov-033D maths, 128-bit integers
dyaml 0.8.0, 31 days ago 4.72013-Feb-25YAML parser and emitter
libevent 2.0.2+2.0.16, 3 years ago 4.72013-Apr-27Deimos bindings for libevent, a cross-platform asynchronous I/O library
arsd-official 3.0.1, 11 days ago 4.72015-Jun-01A container of various subpackages that do lots of different things. You should use one of the sub…
emsi_containers 0.8.0-alpha.15, a month ago 4.72016-Jan-14Containers that use Phobos' experimental allocators
dunit 1.0.15, 12 days ago 4.72013-Oct-02Advanced unit testing toolkit for the D programming language
derelict-sdl2 3.1.0-alpha.4, a year ago 4.72013-Aug-24Dynamic bindings to SDL2, SDL2_image, SDL2_mixer, SDL2_ttf and SDL2_net.
vibe-core 1.7.0-beta.2, 5 days ago 4.72016-Oct-25The I/O core library of vibe.d.
zeromq 4.2.2, 2 years ago 4.62013-Apr-24Interface to the C ZeroMQ library

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