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Name Last update Score Registered Description
mir-algorithm 3.16.2, 4 days ago 4.82017-Jan-05Dlang Core Library
dyaml 0.9.2, a month ago 4.82013-Feb-25YAML parser and emitter
dscanner 0.12.2, 2 months ago 4.82014-Feb-15Swiss-army knife for D source code
requests 2.0.8, 4 months ago 4.82016-Apr-16http/ftp client library, inspired by python-requests
dlib 1.1.0-beta1, 20 days ago 4.82013-Jul-13D language utility library
pegged 0.4.6, 4 months ago 4.82013-Mar-08Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) generator
mir-core 1.3.6, 7 days ago 4.82018-Oct-06Base software building blocks: Algebraic types (aka sumtype/tagged union/variant), universal refle…
msgpack-d 1.0.4, 3 months ago 4.82013-Sep-19MessagePack for D.
mir-random 2.2.19, a year ago 4.72016-Nov-25Dlang Random Number Generators
dunit 1.0.16, 2 years ago 4.72013-Oct-02Advanced unit testing toolkit for the D programming language

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