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aedi-property-reader 0.2.0, 3 years ago 0.32017-Aug-20Aedi property reader, a library for reading configuration properties from multiple sources.
mpeg2 0.1.0, 4 years ago 0.32017-Jul-29mpeg2 decoder
sel-util 0.5.3, 3 years ago 0.32018-Mar-11Utilities for Minecraft libraries and applications
jsoniopipe 0.1.4, 3 months ago 0.32019-Aug-05JSON parser for iopipe
rationald 0.1.1, 5 years ago 0.32016-Mar-18A library for rational numbers in D.
profdump 0.4.3, 3 years ago 0.32017-May-06Converts profiler output to DOT graph, JSON or human-readable plain text
telega 0.2.0, 6 months ago 0.32018-Apr-08Telegram Bot API implementation
syscall-d 0.4.0, 4 years ago 0.32016-Jan-31syscall interface for D
matplotlib-d 0.1.7, 11 months ago 0.32016-Dec-192D Plotting library for D using python and matplotlib
gfx 0.2.1, 7 months ago 0.32018-Dec-16D graphics rendering library

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