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scid 0.3.2, 2 years ago 2.42014-Dec-02A collection of numerical routines and bindings
vmc-d 1.1.2, 2 months ago 2.42022-Mar-22An implementation of the VMC face tracking protocol, based on osc-d
glamour 1.0.1, 8 years ago 2.42013-Sep-08Glamour is an OpenGL wrapper for the D programming language.
llvm-d 3.0.0, 3 years ago 2.42013-Mar-15D bindings for LLVM
ffmpeg4d 4.1.0, 3 years ago 2.42019-Mar-10D bindings to FFmpeg
ggplotd 1.2.3, a year ago 2.42015-Nov-11Plotting library for the D programming library. The design is inspired by ggplot2 for R.
mqtt 0.1.0, 8 years ago 2.42014-Apr-25MQTT broker
vibe-aws 0.1.6, 4 years ago 2.42018-Jan-05AWS client library for D
voxelman 0.9.0, 4 months ago 2.42015-Feb-24Voxel engine
sdc 0.0.6, 10 days ago 2.42022-Apr-23The snazzy D compiler. Currently only sdfmt (sdc:sdfmt) is available via dub
zmqd 1.3.0, a month ago 2.42013-Dec-22A safe and convenient wrapper for the ZeroMQ messaging framework
biod 0.2.3, 3 years ago 2.42016-Jun-14D library for computational biology and bioinformatics
diamond 3.0.0, 2 years ago 2.42016-May-17Powerful Full-stack MVC web-framework using vibe.d
dustmite 0.0.430, 11 months ago 2.42021-Oct-21General-purpose data reduction tool
btdu 0.4.1, 2 months ago 2.42020-Nov-08sampling disk usage profiler for btrfs
derelict-imgui 0.10.0, 4 years ago 2.42015-Apr-09Dynamic bindings to the cimgui library (a c-api for IMGUI) for the D programming language
dcompute 0.1.0, 5 years ago 2.42016-Sep-20Native Heterogeneous Computing for D
godot-d 0.1.14, 9 months ago 2.42018-Mar-17Godot game engine language bindings
tkd 1.1.14, 11 months ago 2.32014-May-04GUI toolkit for the D programming language based on Tcl/Tk
optional 1.3.0, 11 months ago 2.32018-Feb-25An optional/maybe type with safe dispatchingrange semantics

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