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kiss-rpc 0.0.7, 4 years ago 2.32017-Sep-01A refined core library for D programming language.
mir-glas 0.2.4, 3 years ago 2.32016-Oct-26Generic Linear Algebra Subprograms
temple 0.7.5, 5 years ago 2.32013-Dec-31Embedded D, Compile Time Template Engine (Vibe.d Compatible)
exceptionhandling 1.0.0, 6 months ago 2.32016-Aug-10Functions to make exception and assertion handling in D easier.
fixedsizearray 1.3.0, 6 months ago 2.32016-Oct-06A fixed size array implementation
med 1.0.0, 7 years ago 2.32014-Nov-29MicroEmacs written in D
gendoc 0.0.7, 2 months ago 2.32019-Aug-17Document generator using Ddoc D language standard feature for dub package.
stringbuffer 1.1.2, 4 years ago 2.32017-Feb-24A stack based string buffer that grows into the heap if needed.
dlibgit 0.50.6, 5 years ago 2.22013-Feb-27Library for operating on GIT repositories based on libgit2
smimeasym 3.2.0, 3 months ago 2.22021-Mar-24A wrapper around openssl's S/MIME asymmetrical encryption, that is compatible with the openssl cli

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