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exceptionhandling 1.0.0, 3 months ago 2.12016-Aug-10Functions to make exception and assertion handling in D easier.
bancho-irc 0.6.1, 3 years ago 2.12018-Feb-17osu! IRC & multiplayer lobby management library using vibe.d
tfd 0.0.5, 12 months ago 2.12020-May-02TF for D
libuid 0.0.7, 4 years ago 2.12016-Aug-19D OO interface of libui
vibedist 0.0.2, 8 years ago 2.12012-Oct-24Load-balancer and virtual host manager for vibe.d
gendoc 0.0.6, 8 months ago 2.12019-Aug-17Document generator using Ddoc D language standard feature for dub package.
jin-go 2.0.1, 11 months ago 2.12016-Mar-27Thread-pooled coroutines with lock-free staticaly typed communication channels
jwt 0.4.0, 5 years ago 2.12016-Sep-15A Simple D implementation of JSON Web Tokens
qscript 0.7.4, 3 months ago 2.12016-Nov-27A Simple Scripting Language
vasaro 1.0.2, 3 years ago 2.02018-Dec-09Your printable vase creator.
fluent-logger 0.1.2, 6 years ago 2.02014-Aug-18A structured logger for Fluentd.
serialport 2.2.3, 10 months ago 2.02017-Mar-21Crossplatform work with serialport
ocean 6.1.0, 15 days ago 2.02019-Dec-19Ocean is general purpose library with a focus on supporting the development of high-performance, r…
vibejournald 2.0.4, 8 months ago 2.02020-Apr-08A vibe.d logger that logs into systemd's journald
gccjitd 0.1.0, 6 years ago 2.02015-Jan-21D bindings for libgccjit.so
daemonize 0.2.1, 2 years ago 2.02014-Aug-26Library that simplifies creation of daemons for GNU/Linux and services for Windows.
dests 0.3.1, 12 months ago 2.02015-May-30D Extended Set Test Suite: minimal
derelict-assimp3 2.0.0-beta.1, 4 years ago 2.02013-Oct-19A dynamic binding to version 3 of the Assimp library.
kafka-d 0.0.5, 3 years ago 2.02016-Apr-09Native driver for Apache Kafka
bindbc-icu 69.1.0, 11 days ago 2.02020-Aug-18Dynamic and static bindings to IBM ICU, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.

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