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Name Last update Registered Description
opus 1.0.0, 4 months ago2016-Aug-13Opus Bindings
mail 0.4.2, 4 months ago2015-Oct-17Synchronous POP3/SMTP Library
std_benchmark 0.3.1, 4 months ago2015-Nov-02Randomized benchmark and unittesting module
opengl 1.0.0, 5 months ago2017-May-31Dynamic & Static OpenGL bindings with documentation generated from the spec using ogl_gen
money 2.2.0, 5 months ago2016-Apr-30A money data type, for easy and safe handling of currency amounts
profdump 0.4.2, 5 months ago2017-May-06Converts profiler output to DOT graph, JSON or human-readable plain text
keybinder 0.1.0, 5 months ago2017-May-30A minimal D application.
derelict-steamworks 0.0.9, 5 months ago2015-Apr-24Dynamic bindings to the Steamworks SDK for the D programming language
dintervalset 0.1.0, 5 months ago2017-May-29A library to handle closed intervals of integers in D
tkd 1.1.10, 5 months ago2014-May-04GUI toolkit for the D programming language based on Tcl/Tk
ws 1.0.10, 5 months ago2015-Jul-20weltensturm-library
ogl_gen 1.0.0, 5 months ago2017-May-27A minimal D application.
lapack 0.0.2, 5 months ago2017-May-27Dlang LAPACK header
mysql-lited 0.3.17, 5 months ago2015-Feb-24Lightweight native MySQL/MariaDB driver
dwtlib 3.1.1, 5 months ago2017-Apr-17The dub package for dwt
neocitiesd 0.1.0, 5 months ago2017-May-21A library for Neocities written in D
opencl 1.1.4, 5 months ago2014-Dec-09D binding for OpenCL cl.h
d2sqlite3 0.13.1, 5 months ago2014-Jan-13A thin wrapper around SQLite3
bsdiff 1.0.0-alpha.1, 5 months ago2017-May-21Binary diff and patch algorithm
stringbuffer 1.1.2, 5 months ago2017-Feb-24A stack based string buffer that grows into the heap if needed.

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