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tanya 0.15.0, 22 days ago 0.62016-Aug-24@nogc library. Containers, networking, metaprogramming, memory management, utilities
frp-d 1.1.0-alpha.1, 22 days ago 0.02019-Jan-25Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) library.
libcomcom 0.1.6, 23 days ago 1.02019-Jan-30D wrapper over libcomcom (spawn an OS command with given input and receive its output)
libuv 1.25.0, 23 days ago 0.62016-Jul-22Deimos bindings for libuv, a cross-platform asynchronous I/O library
girtod 0.18.0, 24 days ago 1.62018-Oct-15A binding generator for libraries supporting gobject-introspection.
unit-threaded 0.8.0, 24 days ago 4.92013-Nov-13Advanced multi-threaded unit testing framework with minimal to no boilerplate using built-in unitt…
daemonize 0.2.1, 24 days ago 2.32014-Aug-26Library that simplifies creation of daemons for GNU/Linux and services for Windows.
vips-d 0.1.2, 24 days ago 0.32019-Jan-13Wrapper library for VIPS
cachetools 0.1.2, 25 days ago 3.22018-Nov-26Collection of cache strategies
haystacklib 0.9.3, 25 days ago 1.32017-Feb-27D implementation of project-haystack.org.
dpq2 1.0.7, 25 days ago 4.32013-Sep-14Medium-level binding to the PostgreSQL database
emsi_containers 0.8.0-alpha.12, 25 days ago 4.82016-Jan-14Containers that use Phobos' experimental allocators
bindbc-nuklear 0.1.0, 26 days ago 1.52019-Jan-28Dynamic and static bindings to nuklear, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
harud 1.0.2, 26 days ago 1.32014-Sep-02D binding to libharu
vfile 0.1.2, 26 days ago 0.82018-Dec-10Reads and writes a memory location as if it were a file.
hunt-http 0.1.1, 26 days ago 1.52018-Jul-18http module for hunt.
hunt-entity 2.2.2, 26 days ago 2.82018-Aug-28Entity is an object-relational mapping tool for the D programming language. Referring to the desig…
dateparser 3.0.1, 26 days ago 2.02016-Mar-07Library for parsing randomly formatted date strings
mir-random 2.2.2, 27 days ago 4.72016-Nov-25Dlang Random Number Generators
dmarkdown 0.2.3, 27 days ago 3.82014-Dec-24Markdown to HTML processor

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