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bindbc-glfw 0.10.1, 20 days ago 2.22018-Oct-18Dynamic and static bindings to GLFW3, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
ddox 0.16.17, 20 days ago 3.72012-Oct-06Powerful alternative to DMD's DDOC engine.
dfmt 0.13.1, 20 days ago 4.52015-Apr-21Dfmt is a formatter for D source code
jwtd 0.4.6, 20 days ago 4.02015-Jul-03D implementation of JSON Web Token.
diet-ng 1.7.4, 21 days ago 4.02016-Jan-10Next generation Diet template compiler.
dubtestproject 1.2.0, 21 days ago 3.32018-Aug-29A test project.
requests 1.1.7, 21 days ago 4.72016-Apr-16http/ftp client library, inspired by python-requests
digger 3.0.3, 21 days ago 2.12016-Sep-30A tool to build D and bisect old D versions
vibejournald 2.0.4, 22 days ago 1.62020-Apr-08A vibe.d logger that logs into systemd's journald
dscanner 0.11.0, 22 days ago 4.82014-Feb-15Swiss-army knife for D source code
graphqld 3.1.1, 22 days ago 2.32019-Feb-25A library to handle the GraphQL Protocol
numir 2.0.6, 22 days ago 2.52017-Mar-04numpy-like API wrappers of mir
emsi_containers 0.8.0, 22 days ago 4.92016-Jan-14Containers that use Phobos' experimental allocators
dextool 2.3.0, 22 days ago 1.52016-Sep-12C/C++ tooling for mocking, mutation testing and visualisation
taggedalgebraic 0.11.18, 22 days ago 4.42015-Aug-13A "tagged union" implementation with transparent operator forwarding.
beangle-micdn 0.0.8, 23 days ago 0.42020-Jun-22A minimal CDN.
buffer 0.2.37, 23 days ago 2.02017-Oct-17A protocol buffer & RPC library
crypto 0.2.14, 23 days ago 2.22018-May-30A D Library of encrypto, decrypto(3DES, AES, TEA, RSA...), encode, hash, and message digital signa…
eventcore 0.9.9, 23 days ago 4.72016-Jun-18Pro-actor based abstraction layer over operating system asynchronous I/O facilities.
libressl-d 0.0.3, 24 days ago 0.42020-Mar-10D bindings for LibreSSL.

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