voxelman 0.8.0-dev.1

Voxel engine

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
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Plugin-based engine written in D language.

Voxelman plugin pack includes plugins for a voxel-based game(s).

Launcher will allow for any plugin combination, while master-server will host all plugins and online server list.

Screenshots and videos

Imgur album

See releases for binaries.

See youtube channel for videos.

Installing game

Starting game with launcher

Single player

  • Start launcher
  • Press New in worlds tab to create new world
  • Select new world and press Start


  • To start a server select world and press Server button.
  • Connect to your server in Connect tab
  • Select local server and press Connect at the bottom.
  • To stop the server, go to the Code menu and hit Stop button of your server instance.

Starting game with command line

  • voxelman --app=[client|server|combined] --world_name="new world" --name="Player".
  • You can override any config options by passing switch in a form --option=value.
  • Array config options are passed using comma between items. Like --resolution=1280,800.

Controls (Can be changed in config/client.sdl)

  • Q to lock mouse.
  • WASD, LCtrl, Space to move. LShift to boost.
  • Right and Left to switch tools.
  • R to rotate rails.
  • RMB to place
  • LMB to remove.
  • [ and ] to change view distance.
  • Keypad - and + to change movement speed.
  • U disable position update.
  • Andrey Penechko
derelict-gl3, derelict-glfw3, sdlang-d, dlib, derelict-enet, cbor-d
0.9.0 2022-May-10
0.8.0 2017-Feb-03
0.8.0-dev.1 2016-Aug-25
0.7.0 2016-Aug-22
0.6.1 2016-Jan-09
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