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Name Last update Score Registered Description
dash 0.12.0-beta2, 9 years ago 2.52014-Apr-03A free and open 3D game engine written in D.
tabletool 0.5.0, 21 days ago 2.52022-Sep-24A table generator library inspired by Python's tabulate compatible with east-asian character
serverino 0.4.4, 17 days ago 2.52022-May-08Small and ready-to-go http server
apache-thrift 0.18.1, 4 months ago 2.52018-Dec-27Apache Thrift D library
dshould 1.7.1, 6 months ago 2.52018-Jun-05D fluent asserts library
smimeasym 3.3.0, a year ago 2.52021-Mar-24A wrapper around openssl's S/MIME asymmetrical encryption, that is compatible with the openssl cli
libx11 0.0.1, 2 years ago 2.52021-Mar-29Core X11 protocol client library.
nbuff 0.1.14, 2 years ago 2.52017-Sep-13Network buffer
vibejournald 2.0.4, 3 years ago 2.52020-Apr-08A vibe.d logger that logs into systemd's journald
iban 2.1.0, 2 years ago 2.52021-Jul-21A package for handling IBAN numbers

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