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Name Last update Score Registered Description
bindbc-glfw 0.10.0, 3 months ago 2.12018-Oct-18Dynamic and static bindings to GLFW3, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
hunt-redis 1.2.0, 3 months ago 2.12019-Jul-23A redis client library for D.
hunt-validation 0.3.0, 3 months ago 1.62018-Dec-18A data validation library for Hunt.
comp_d 0.6.5, 3 months ago 0.22020-Mar-04An LR parser generator written in D that can be calculated at the compile time.
hunt-sql 1.4.0, 3 months ago 1.92018-Oct-17SQL parser.
hunt-security 0.4.0, 3 months ago 1.82018-Aug-27A security library for hunt.
hunt-console 0.2.0, 3 months ago 1.72020-Mar-19The Console component allows you to create command-line commands.
janet-d 0.7.2, 3 months ago 0.32019-Aug-19D bindings for the Janet programming language.
vibe-d2438 0.9.0, 3 months ago 0.32020-May-20Event driven web and concurrency framework
multicast-delegate 1.0.1, 3 months ago 0.42020-May-20C-Sharp style MulticastDelegate, allows combining and calling multiple delegates into one

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