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dpq2 1.0.17 2020-Sep-274.5Medium-level binding to the PostgreSQL database
arsd-official 9.4.0 2021-Apr-125.0Subpackage collection for web, database, terminal ui, gui, scripting, and more with a commitment t…
ddbc 0.5.3 2021-May-054.7DB Connector for D language, similar to JDBC (mysql, sqlite, postgresql, odbc)
d2sqlite3 0.19.1 2020-Jul-214.6A thin wrapper around SQLite 3
derelict-pq 4.0.0-alpha.2 2018-Mar-074.3A dynamic and static binding to libpq.
vibe-d-postgresql 3.1.0-rc.1 2020-Sep-074.2PostgreSQL support for Vibe.d
mysql-native 3.0.1 2021-Apr-284.2A native MySQL driver implementation based on Steve Teale's original
hunt-database 2.2.1 2021-Apr-221.9Database abstraction layer for D programing language, support PostgreSQL / MySQL.
dstddb 0.0.13 2018-Feb-251.8A D standard database proposal and implementation
tinyredis 2.2.1 2019-Jul-152.4Redis driver for D.
kafka-d 0.0.5 2018-Aug-102.0Native driver for Apache Kafka
ddb 0.3.0 2017-Sep-082.0Asynchronous Postgresql Binding
mysql-d 0.3.3 2016-Jul-281.9Mysql client C library binding.
sqlite-d 0.1.7 2017-Jun-071.3A native SQLite Database reader
mysql-lited 0.4.9 2019-Aug-011.8Lightweight native MySQL/MariaDB driver
microrm 0.8.1 2021-May-061.7Micro ORM for SQLite3
mime 0.5.2 2020-Sep-290.7Shared MIME-info Database specification implementation
mongo-standalone 0.0.9 2021-Feb-130.9A standalone (no dependencies outside the stdlib) Mongo database driver for D.
dpq 0.11.4 2020-Sep-301.4A postgresql (libpq, pq) library aiming to be simple to use
database 1.1.27 2020-Oct-140.9Lightweight native MySQL/MariaDB & PostgreSQL driver
vibrato 0.1.4 2015-May-041.4Fast client for vibe.d with local aggregation
cassandra-d 0.0.4 2019-Oct-231.0Cassandra database client
mondo 1.1.10 2019-Nov-081.2MongoDB library for D
miniorm 0.0.4 2020-May-191.1A minimalistic ORM for SQLite
fdb-d 0.9.0 2015-Feb-091.1FoundationDB D API
dmaxminddb 0.1.2 2015-Jul-181.0A reader library for MaxMind's GeoLite2 databases
dbal 0.0.10 2017-Dec-200.6Database Abstraction Layer, can construct SQL statements.
sqlite3 1.0.0 2017-Jun-121.0SQLite3 interface, designed with simplicity and compile time verification in mind.
quill-d 0.1.4 2016-Mar-051.0Simple, unobtrusive data access library for the D programming language.
pgsql-lited 0.0.7 2019-Sep-021.0Lightweight native PostgreSQL driver
librdkafka-d 0.3.1 2017-Apr-270.9OOP wrapper for librdkafka
lmdb_d 0.3.4 2020-Feb-040.9A D language binding for the lmdb library.
memcached4d 0.0.2 2014-Oct-120.8A minimal memcached client.
elasticsearch-d 1.0.7 2016-Aug-170.8A D Elasticsearch library with an API similar to the official Elasticsearch packages for other lan…
cruddyorm 0.0.1 2018-Feb-180.6A cruddy ORM for vibe and postgresql
dpeq 0.5.0 2019-Jun-180.6PostgreSQL extended query protocol client
modular_db 0.1.1 2020-Jul-260.3Factorization of a relational database into a set of modules.
leveldb 1.16.0 2014-Apr-090.5Leveldb D Deimos Bindings.
drocks 0.1.1 2019-Jun-130.4RocksServer db client
shark 0.1.2 2019-Jan-080.1Native object-relational mapping for various databases
mars 1.3.3 2018-Feb-070.3Server Side support for Mars.
libneo4j-client 2.2.0 2018-Apr-280.3D bindings for libneo4j-client
derelict-hdfs 2.4.1 2016-Sep-250.3Derelict binding for HDFS
bdb2d 5.3.28 2017-Aug-180.3BerkeleyDB to D bindings.
ldap 0.3.0 2021-Mar-150.3LDAP client library using winldap on windows and openldap on other platforms
d-leveldb 1.16.0 2014-Apr-090.3A Leveldb implementation for D.
mongo 0.0.1 2018-Mar-290.2A minimal D application.
rocksdb 0.0.7 2017-Feb-120.2A D binding to rocksdb
pgator 0.3.17 2020-Sep-160.0Application server that transforms JSON-RPC calls into SQL queries for PostgreSQL
deepmagic 0.1.5 2016-Apr-020.0D Langage Convenience Libraries.

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