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godot-d 0.1.14, a month ago 2.22018-Mar-17Godot game engine language bindings
hunt-database 2.3.1, a month ago 1.22018-Aug-28Database abstraction layer for D programing language, support PostgreSQL / MySQL.
sha3-d 1.2.1, a month ago 0.32021-Jan-22SHA-3 library package
toml-foolery 2.1.0, a month ago 0.02020-Apr-21Populates any given D struct with data read from a TOML string, and vice-versa.
blink1-d 0.2.1, a month ago 0.32020-Nov-07D wrapper for blink1-lib, a library for interfacing with the Blink(1) USB RGB LED
vibelog 0.6.10, a month ago 2.12012-May-19A light-weight embeddable blog implementation
lumarsh 0.2.4, a month ago 0.52021-Nov-11Use LUA for shell scripting
d_tree_sitter 1.1.1, a month ago 0.42021-Sep-13The D bindings for tree-sitter
d-emacs-module 0.0.1, a month ago 0.42021-Dec-12Emacs dynamic modules in D
pixelperfectengine 0.10.0-beta.4, a month ago 2.12017-Jan-20A 2D game engine for retro styled games
mir-bloomberg 1.0.0, a month ago 3.82021-Dec-11Mir connector to Bloomberg private API
kameloso 2.0.1, a month ago 0.62018-Jan-02IRC bot
dialect 1.2.1, a month ago 0.52019-Sep-07IRC parsing library
lu 1.1.3, a month ago 0.62019-Sep-06Library of reusable miscellanea
bindbc-raylib3 0.5.1, a month ago 0.72021-Nov-02Dynamic and static bindings to Raylib, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
acd-versions 1.0.3, a month ago 0.32021-Dec-09Treat D versions as boolean expressions.
dentist 3.0.0, a month ago 0.92019-Jan-24Close assembly gaps using long-reads with focus on correctness.
ocean 6.2.0, a month ago 2.02019-Dec-19Ocean is general purpose library with a focus on supporting the development of high-performance, r…
bitblob 2.3.0, a month ago 0.82018-Dec-07A small library to represent hash types as value types
tida 0.1.2-b1, a month ago 0.72021-Jan-26Tida is a library for creating 2D games, which is written with manual window creation and renderin…
raylib-d 4.0.0, a month ago 0.12021-Apr-21D binding for Raylib
ddcpuid 0.19.1, a month ago 0.22021-Jun-25x86 processor information library and application
dqt 5.15.2-alpha.1, a month ago 0.62021-Dec-05D bindings for Qt.
turtle 0.0.12, a month ago 0.92021-Apr-10Tiny game engine for creative Friday programming.
ddsp 2.5.9, a month ago 1.12017-Aug-26A small library for digital signal processing in D
d2dgame 3.0.0-beta.3, a month ago 1.42015-Apr-18D 2D Game-Engine
modbus 0.20.2, a month ago 1.32017-Mar-21Modbus protocol
mupdf 1.19.0, a month ago 0.32021-Dec-02Bindings for MuPDF
zthor 1.0.1, a month ago 0.32021-Nov-28Library to interact with the THOR file format used as patch files for the game Ragnarok Online
darthlib 1.1.0, a month ago 0.32021-Dec-01Common Utilities library
dpp 0.4.9, a month ago 3.92018-Apr-09Include C/C++ headers directly in D files
dlang_raylib 1.1.0, 2 months ago 0.32021-Oct-19D bindings to the raylib library.
elemi 1.2.0, 2 months ago 0.22020-Nov-01A simple HTML creation helper.
4x4d 0.0.8, 2 months ago 0.02021-Nov-18Matrix (the chat protocol) Client-Server bot library
ae 0.0.3106, 2 months ago 2.62014-Nov-19CyberShadow's ArmageddonEngine utilites for almost everything
gtk_d 1.0.1, 2 months ago 0.42021-Aug-29A full Gtk binding for D.
reng 0.5.1, 2 months ago 1.02020-Jul-25RE_NGINE_FX game framework/engine
requests 2.0.3, 2 months ago 4.82016-Apr-16http/ftp client library, inspired by python-requests
datefmt-redthing1 1.0.6, 2 months ago 0.02021-Nov-25Datetime parsing and formatting
pixelatrix 0.0.0, 2 months ago 0.32021-Nov-25Small library for handling old hardware graphic formats
magicalrainbows 0.1.2, 2 months ago 0.62019-Oct-17Library for misc colour-related functions
dray 4.0.0-r3, 2 months ago 0.02020-Jul-25raylib bindings for dlang
canvas 0.1.0, 2 months ago 0.42021-Nov-24Canvas rendering library
d-import-sort 0.0.4, 2 months ago 0.72021-Nov-22A D script for sorting import statements.
stlutils 0.0.2, 2 months ago 0.32021-Nov-21Some utility for reading and writing both ASCII and binary STL files
hunt-xml 1.1.0-rc.7, 2 months ago 0.32019-Dec-05A xml parsing library for D programming language.
libpng-apng 1.0.4+apng.1.6.37, 2 months ago 0.02021-Jul-01D bindings to libpng with the apng patch.
fuse-d 0.6.0, 2 months ago 0.62019-Mar-02A D binding for libfuse
hunt-httpclient 1.2.0, 2 months ago 0.92020-May-22A simple HttpClient wrapper.
hunt-redis 1.4.1, 2 months ago 1.02019-Jul-23A redis client library for D.
boxed 1.0.1, 2 months ago 0.32021-Nov-18A D library which provides simple objects which wrap some primitive types.
vest-dini 0.0.2, 2 months ago 0.32018-May-04 Dlang ini-configs
influx-d 0.4.5, 2 months ago 4.22017-Apr-21InfluxDB wrapper
ip2location-d 8.5.0, 2 months ago 1.02016-Aug-19IP2Location D Library
jcli 0.24.0, 2 months ago 0.72019-Mar-31A fully featured CLI framework for D
hunt-cache 0.10.1, 2 months ago 0.92018-Aug-28A Powerfull Cache library for D. Support memory、redis、memcached backend.
libbcds 0.1.3, 2 months ago 0.42021-Nov-02A minimal D application.
expected 0.3.4, 2 months ago 1.62019-May-06Implementation of expected idiom (error handling with ok and err)
glui 0.4.4, 2 months ago 0.02021-Mar-13A simple UI library designed for IsodiTools and Samerion
steam-gns-d 0.1.1, 2 months ago 0.32021-Oct-21Updated D bindings for GameNetworkingSockets
observable 1.1.1, 2 months ago 0.62021-May-25Provides event handling facilities based on observable and signal slot approaches
gtk-d 3.10.0, 2 months ago 4.92013-Oct-05GtkD is the Digital Mars D programing language OO wrapper for Gtk+.
physacd 1.0.0, 2 months ago 0.52021-Nov-11D port of Physac.
idl2d 2.0.0, 2 months ago 0.32021-Oct-04Helper for converting Microsoft IDL files to D extracted from https://github.com/dlang/visuald/tre…
asdf 0.7.13, 2 months ago 3.82016-May-02Fast, Expressive, and Easy to use JSON Serialization Library with optional SSE4 Optimization.
libbclog 0.2.1, 2 months ago 0.52021-Nov-05A betterC structured logger
hunt-http 0.8.1, 2 months ago 1.62018-Jul-18Hunt-Http is a flexible performant http server and client. Support HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, WebSocket and…
pretty_array 1.0.2, 2 months ago 0.52020-Jun-02Pretty D Arrays
threefish512 0.0.2, 2 months ago 0.62021-Nov-07Minimal implementation of Threefish512 block cipher algorithm (port from reference C implementatio…
during 0.3.0, 2 months ago 2.12019-Dec-05dlang wrapper around linux io_uring API
prntscget 0.1.3, 2 months ago 0.12021-Jun-12prnt.sc/prntscr.com gallery downloader
cpublit 0.5.0, 2 months ago 1.22018-Apr-04Drawing and image composing library.
io 0.3.3, 2 months ago 3.52018-Feb-28Core I/O functionality.
styx2000 1.0.0, 2 months ago 1.02021-Aug-30Low-level, minimal implementation of Styx protocol (9P protocol from Plan 9/Inferno)
sat-d 1.0.2, 2 months ago 0.02021-Aug-03A small SAT solver implementation
libbcfmt 0.1.2, 2 months ago 0.42021-Nov-02A betterC format/conv library
rebindable 0.1.0, 2 months ago 0.42021-Sep-29D data structures that work for any type.
belleglade 1.0.0, 3 months ago 0.52021-Oct-31a tool to make working with GtkD and glade easier by generating a D class that connects handlers t…
decorator 1.0.0, 3 months ago 0.42021-Oct-31A small betterC compatible library for user-friendly messages.
dfmt 0.14.1, 3 months ago 3.32015-Apr-21Dfmt is a formatter for D source code
grpc 0.5.0-beta.1, 3 months ago 2.02019-Mar-11gRPC implementation for D programming language
fuzzycopy 1.0.1, 3 months ago 0.82018-Jul-16Copying data from one struct type to another for lazy people
hunt-console 0.4.0, 3 months ago 1.02020-Mar-19The Console component allows you to create command-line commands.
hunt-entity 2.8.0, 3 months ago 2.32018-Aug-28Entity is an object-relational mapping (ORM) tool for the D programming language. Referring to the…
hunt-shiro 1.3.0, 3 months ago 1.52019-Jun-03A powerful and easy-to-use D security framework that performs authentication, authorization, crypt…
hunt-security 0.6.0, 3 months ago 1.02018-Aug-27A security library for hunt.
hunt-validation 0.5.0, 3 months ago 0.92018-Dec-18A data validation library for Hunt.
dagon 0.12.1, 3 months ago 2.42017-Apr-053D game engine for D
hunt-sql 1.6.0, 3 months ago 1.12018-Oct-17SQL parser.
hunt-net 0.7.0, 3 months ago 1.52018-Jul-18A network library for hunt.
dcover 1.0.1, 3 months ago 0.42021-Oct-27A coverage file to HTML processor.
ikod-containers 0.0.22, 3 months ago 3.42019-Nov-02containers library
libtun 0.0.13, 3 months ago 0.72021-Jul-21TUN adapter for D
sweatyballs 0.1.0, 3 months ago 0.62021-Jul-20Next-hop routing with crypto
atelier 1.0.0, 3 months ago 0.92018-Sep-29Atelier Framework
zgrf 1.1.0, 3 months ago 0.62021-Jul-01Library to interact with Gravity's GRF files.
dud 1.1.1, 3 months ago 3.92021-Aug-18Experimental tool for manipulating dub packages
mir-linux-kernel 1.2.1, 3 months ago 4.52017-Nov-03Linux system call numbers for different architectures
expression 1.0.2, 3 months ago 0.72020-May-14Simple expression evaluator
dustmite 0.0.430, 3 months ago 2.42021-Oct-21General-purpose data reduction tool

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