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Name Last update Score Registered Description
dls 0.24.5, 8 hours ago 3.62018-Mar-21D Language Server
sumtype 0.8.6, 8 hours ago 3.72018-Apr-05A sum type with pattern matching
hunt-entity 2.2.6, 14 hours ago 2.82018-Aug-28Entity is an object-relational mapping tool for the D programming language. Referring to the desig…
mir 3.1.2, 16 hours ago 4.12016-Jan-01LLVM-accelerated Generic Numerical Library for Science and Machine Learning
mir-random 2.2.3, 17 hours ago 4.72016-Nov-25Dlang Random Number Generators
influx-d 0.3.0, a day ago 1.82017-Apr-21InfluxDB wrapper
nogc 0.3.1, a day ago 2.92017-Apr-28Utilities to write @nogc code
jupyter_wire 0.0.2, a day ago 0.02018-Oct-16Jupyter kernel written in D
unit-threaded 0.9.1, a day ago 4.92013-Nov-13Advanced multi-threaded unit testing framework with minimal to no boilerplate using built-in unitt…
spasm 0.1.10, a day ago 2.32018-Oct-12A framework for writing single page applications
hunt 1.2.0-rc.3, a day ago 3.52016-May-12A refined core library for D programming language.
hunt-net 0.2.0, a day ago 1.12018-Jul-18A network library for hunt.
prometheus 0.2.0, a day ago 0.72018-May-20Prometheus collectors and metrics
bindbc-nuklear 0.1.1, 2 days ago 2.12019-Jan-28Dynamic and static bindings to nuklear, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
intervaltree 0.9.5, 2 days ago 0.02019-Mar-21Interval Tree implementations.
vibe-auth 0.5.5, 3 days ago 1.72017-Mar-15OAuth2 server for vibe.d
graphqld 0.1.0, 3 days ago 0.92019-Feb-25A library to handle the GraphQL Protocol
nanomsg-wrapper 0.5.2, 3 days ago 1.82017-Feb-06Nanomsg wrappers for the D Programming Language.
dfuse 0.3.1, 3 days ago 0.62015-Jun-27A D binding for libfuse
dplug 8.3.4, 3 days ago 2.92013-Nov-15A library for crafting native audio plugins as simply as possible.
vips-d 0.1.3, 3 days ago 0.42019-Jan-13Wrapper library for VIPS
darser 0.1.1, 3 days ago 0.12019-Mar-20A D Parser and AST Generator.
eerange 0.0.4, 4 days ago 0.42019-Mar-18"Each with each other" range implementation
hunt-validation 0.0.5, 4 days ago 1.22018-Dec-18A data validation library for Hunt.
hunt-http 0.1.4, 4 days ago 1.32018-Jul-18http module for hunt.
hunt-service 0.0.1, 4 days ago 0.52019-Mar-18Distributed RPC framework for DLang based on neton.
dango 0.0.2-beta.5, 5 days ago 1.02017-Jun-19The library for constructing applications.
dpp 0.0.16, 5 days ago 3.22018-Apr-09Include C/C++ headers directly in D files
neton-client 0.0.1, 5 days ago 0.22019-Mar-18A client library for neton.
hunt-framework 2.0.4, 5 days ago 2.72018-Aug-28A high performance full-stack Web framework.
libclang 0.1.3, 5 days ago 2.42018-Mar-07libclang bindings / wrappers for D
dpq2 1.0.9, 5 days ago 4.32013-Sep-14Medium-level binding to the PostgreSQL database
sat-gl3n 2.0.0, 6 days ago 0.42016-Feb-14A Separating Axis theorem implementation based on gl3n (convex shape collision detection)
glibd 2.1.0, 6 days ago 0.32018-Oct-15GlibD is the Digital Mars D programing language OO wrapper for Glib.
girtod 0.19.0, 6 days ago 1.62018-Oct-15A binding generator for libraries supporting gobject-introspection.
intel-intrinsics 1.1.1, 6 days ago 3.82016-Jul-05The most practical D SIMD solution! Using SIMD intrinsics with Intel syntax with D.
silly 0.8.2, 6 days ago 2.42018-Aug-12Better test runner for D
goinsu 0.2.1, 6 days ago 0.82017-Sep-16Switch user, group and execute a program
beep 0.0.2, 6 days ago 0.22018-Sep-11Advanced assertion library
dsymbol 0.6.3, 6 days ago 4.42016-Jan-14Symbol lookup support for libdparse
crunch 0.1.0, 6 days ago 0.42019-Mar-17Fast reader for crunch texture packer
struct-params 0.9.1, 7 days ago 0.32019-Mar-16Default params using structs.
scrapd 1.1.0, 7 days ago 0.32019-Mar-02Scrapbox
biod 0.2.2, 7 days ago 2.22016-Jun-14A D library for computational biology and bioinformatics
emsi_containers 0.8.0-alpha.13, 7 days ago 4.82016-Jan-14Containers that use Phobos' experimental allocators
ice 0.2.22, 7 days ago 1.12017-Aug-19NAT, stun, turn and ice.
async 0.1.19, 7 days ago 1.82018-May-06A cross-platform event loop library of asynchroneous network sockets.
buffer 0.2.11, 7 days ago 1.92017-Oct-17A protocol buffer & RPC library
crypto 0.1.9, 7 days ago 1.62018-May-30A D Library of encrypto, decrypto(3DES, AES, TEA, RSA...), encode, hash, and message digital signa…
d2dgame 3.0.0-beta.1, 7 days ago 1.12015-Apr-18D 2D Game-Engine

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