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Name Last update Score Registered Description
xlsxreader 3.0.2, 14 days ago 1.72019-Jun-05A very simple xlsx reader
vibe-core 2.8.2, 14 days ago 4.52016-Oct-25The I/O core library of vibe.d.
vibe-d 0.10.0, 16 days ago 5.02013-Jan-17Event driven web and concurrency framework
vibe-container 1.3.0, 16 days ago 2.82023-Oct-02Container implementations used by vibe.d
commandr 1.0.0, 16 days ago 2.02019-Oct-02Modern command line argument parser
vibe-http 1.0.0, 16 days ago 4.12019-Dec-30HTTP server and client implementation and higher level HTTP functionality
vibe-inet 1.0.0, 16 days ago 2.82024-Feb-17Internet standard functionality
numem 0.6.0, 17 days ago 0.92023-Dec-19Memory managment utilities for D
dmd 2.107.1-rc.1, 17 days ago 4.12017-Jul-17The DMD compiler
evalex 0.0.2, 18 days ago 0.62024-Feb-15A small library for evaluating mathematical expressions in strings.
ae 0.0.3535, 18 days ago 3.02014-Nov-19CyberShadow's ArmageddonEngine utilites for almost everything
handy-httpd 8.3.2, 18 days ago 3.12022-Jan-07Extremely lightweight HTTP server for D.
minlog 4.0.0, 18 days ago 0.32022-Jun-08minimal logger
yxml 0.1.3, 20 days ago 0.42023-Dec-29XML parsing library, nothrow @nogc, XML subset. Port of yxml.
observable 1.5.0, 20 days ago 1.32021-May-25Provides event handling facilities based on observable and signal slot approaches
path-matcher 1.1.4, 20 days ago 2.02023-Oct-18Simple library for matching URLs to patterns, using a limited syntax.
glibd 2.4.3, 20 days ago 0.52018-Oct-15GlibD is the Digital Mars D programing language OO wrapper for Glib.
d-metal-binding 2.0.20, 20 days ago 0.52023-Mar-10Bindings to Apple's metal graphics API. No compiler support needed
arsd-official 11.4.2, 21 days ago 5.02015-Jun-01Subpackage collection for web, database, terminal ui, gui, scripting, and more with a commitment t…
readonly_range 1.0.0, 21 days ago 0.32024-Feb-13A head-const (aka read-only, aka final) adapter for ranges.
pixelperfectengine 0.11.0-alpha.2, 21 days ago 2.22017-Jan-20A 2D game engine for retro styled games
predictivesearch 1.0.2, 21 days ago 0.32024-Feb-12A searching algorithm which may be faster than binary search
dmdscript 2.1.1, 21 days ago 2.42014-Dec-13An implementation of the ECMA 262 (Javascript) programming language
tagion 1.2.0-rc, 21 days ago 0.92023-Dec-20Decentralised network for high volume transactions and distributed cases
avaudioengine 1.0.15, 21 days ago 0.42023-Dec-13AVAudioEngine binding for D.
objc_meta 1.0.15, 21 days ago 0.52023-Dec-11Objective-C base for creating D bindings.
primesort 1.0.0, 22 days ago 0.32024-Feb-12A really stupid sorting algorithm
audio-formats 3.0.2, 22 days ago 1.12020-Mar-18Streaming decoding support for popular audio formats.
tiny-autodiff 1.0.1, 22 days ago 1.12024-Feb-03A tiny autograd library.
easyhttp 0.7.3, 23 days ago 0.72023-Sep-26An easy-to-use HTTP client library.
vadgl 0.2.2, 23 days ago 0.42023-Nov-28D Abstraction over OpenGL
wgpu-d 0.3.1, 24 days ago 0.82020-Oct-24D bindings to wgpu-native
readconf 0.4.1, 24 days ago 0.52023-Mar-24Singleton for simple reading of the configuration file
isla 0.1.2, 25 days ago 0.32024-Jan-20A library for parsing the ISLA serialisation format.
pgator 0.3.18, 26 days ago 0.02016-Jan-04Application server that transforms JSON-RPC calls into SQL queries for PostgreSQL
mongoschemad 5.0.0, 28 days ago 1.62016-Jan-10MongoDB Schema support
dplug 14.3.0, 28 days ago 2.82013-Nov-15A library for crafting native audio plugins as simply as possible.
ji 0.0.5, 30 days ago 0.32023-Dec-13A minimal D application.
openai-d 0.4.0, 30 days ago 1.42023-Jun-03OpenAI Clinet APIs
commonmark-d 1.0.10, 31 days ago 3.52019-Sep-29Fastest CommonMark and Github Flavoured Markdown parser in D
vertexd 0.1.0, 32 days ago 0.02024-Jan-10Dutch OpenGL passion project
sokol-d 0.1.0, 32 days ago 0.22024-Feb-01D bindings for sokol
redub 1.3.0, 32 days ago 1.62024-Jan-20Dub Based Build System, with parallelization per packages and easier to contribute
wren-d 0.4.2, 2 months ago 0.52020-Oct-24D bindings to the wren scripting language
raylib-d 5.0.1, 2 months ago 2.22021-Apr-21D binding for Raylib
cmdex 0.3.0, 2 months ago 0.32024-Jan-28Modern command line argument parser
navm 2.0.1, 2 months ago 1.52019-Dec-24A barebones VM for use in scripting languages
gamut 2.5.0, 2 months ago 2.12022-Jul-03Image library. Decoders/encoders for PNG, TGA, BMP, JPEG, DDS, GIF, QOI, QOIX. 16-bit support.
twine 0.2.0-alpha, 2 months ago 0.02024-Jan-16Experimental routing daemon
kameloso 3.14.159, 2 months ago 1.72018-Jan-02IRC bot
slf4d 3.0.0, 2 months ago 3.32023-Feb-15Simple Logging Facade For D
dialect 2.2.0, 2 months ago 0.72019-Sep-07IRC parsing library
lu 2.2.0, 2 months ago 0.92019-Sep-06Library of reusable miscellanea
oceandrift-di 0.26.1, 2 months ago 0.32024-Jan-13Lightweight Dependency Injection (DI) framework
requests 2.1.3, 2 months ago 4.72016-Apr-16http/ftp client library, inspired by python-requests
amalthea 1.6.0, 2 months ago 0.02021-Jul-14Linux-specific general purpose library
lmpl4d 0.0.13, 2 months ago 0.62022-Mar-24Lightweight MessagePack library for D
unit-threaded 2.1.9, 2 months ago 5.02013-Nov-13Advanced multi-threaded unit testing framework with minimal to no boilerplate using built-in unitt…
bindbc-wgpu 0.19.0, 2 months ago 1.72019-Oct-02D language binding to gfx-rs/wgpu
bindbc-allegro5 1.1.0, 2 months ago 0.62022-Aug-21Dynamic and static bindings to Allegro and its addons, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
bindbc-common 0.1.3, 2 months ago 1.12023-Mar-11Code used by various BindBC libraries.
hunt-validation 0.5.1, 2 months ago 1.42018-Dec-18A data validation library for Hunt.
slowtable 2.3.2, 2 months ago 0.62023-Aug-12timetable tools
self 0.0.1, 2 months ago 0.02024-Jan-17self
bindbc-sdl 1.4.5, 2 months ago 4.72018-Oct-18Static & dynamic bindings to SDL2 & the SDL_* libraries, compatible with BetterC, @nogc, and nothr…
openapi-to-d 0.7.1, 2 months ago 0.82023-Feb-07Convert OpenAPI documentation to Boilerplated D/DTO headers
concurrency 5.0.5, 2 months ago 1.02021-Jan-14concurrency library
deague 0.0.2, 2 months ago 0.32024-Jan-14Simple library to facilitate use of the League of Legends client API.
gd 0.1.0, 2 months ago 0.02024-Jan-12GUI for D
eventcore 0.9.28, 2 months ago 4.62016-Jun-18Pro-actor based abstraction layer over operating system asynchronous I/O facilities.
mcrcd 2.0.0, 2 months ago 1.02015-Jun-09A tiny Minecraft Rcon library for D
faked 6.0.1, 2 months ago 2.82019-Feb-19Library to create fake data based on faker.js (generate names, emails, addresses and much more)
libwasm 0.8.2, 2 months ago 1.02023-Dec-30A framework for writing webassembly single page applications
nwn-lib-d 1.1.1, 2 months ago 1.52018-Jun-26Library & tooling for Neverwinter Nights 2 resource files
paper_plane_bot 0.0.7, 2 months ago 0.62018-Apr-21Telegram Dlang news notify bot
telega 0.2.1, 2 months ago 0.62018-Apr-08Telegram Bot API implementation
serve-d 0.8.0-beta.16, 2 months ago 2.32018-Mar-24Microsoft Language Server Protocol library and D Server
socks-client 0.2.0, 2 months ago 0.72018-Sep-03SOCKS 5 client implementation
earcut-ctfe 0.1.0, 2 months ago 0.42024-Jan-06CTFE compatible D port (using GC) of the earcut polygon triangulation library.
derelict-extras-clblast 0.1.0, 2 months ago 0.32024-Jan-05A dynamic binding to the CLBlast (OpenCL BLAS Tuned) API.
serverino 0.5.1, 2 months ago 2.42022-May-08Small and ready-to-go http server
intel-intrinsics 1.11.18, 2 months ago 3.92016-Jul-05Use SIMD intrinsics with Intel syntax, with any D compiler, targetting x86 or arm. Like simde but …
dtools 2.107.0, 2 months ago 2.52018-Jun-18D Tools
facetrack-d 0.7.8, 2 months ago 3.42022-Mar-22Face tracking integration for D
midi2 0.2.0, 2 months ago 0.62021-Jul-05MIDI 2.0 structs, interfaces, etc.
nspcplay 0.9.1, 3 months ago 0.92022-Nov-12NSPC player.
pham_library 1.5.0, 3 months ago 0.82021-Jun-17BigInteger, Date, DateTime, Time, Firebird Database Driver, Postgresql Database Driver, Logger, Va…
godot-dlang 0.6.0, 3 months ago 1.52022-Nov-06D bindings for godot
siryul 0.8.12, 3 months ago 0.92018-Oct-16A simple multi-format serialization library.
bindbc-lua 0.6.1, 3 months ago 3.12019-Oct-20Static & dynamic bindings to Lua 5.1 and up, compatible with BetterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
gstring 0.1.0, 3 months ago 0.42023-Dec-26A basic library providing unicode-aware strings.
bindbc-raylib3 5.0.1, 3 months ago 1.42021-Nov-02Dynamic and static bindings to Raylib, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
importsort-d 0.3.2, 3 months ago 0.82022-Oct-10sort imports of a .d-file
hipreme_engine 1.0.14, 3 months ago 2.02023-Dec-21Open-Source D Game Engine
sharded-map 2.7.0, 3 months ago 0.72023-Jun-26A concurrent version of hash map
dasfor 1.1.2, 3 months ago 0.42023-Nov-13A tiny library containing a slightly better string format function.
cosma 0.0.1, 3 months ago 0.42023-Dec-20A GTK+ UI component library for D.
mir-lapack 1.2.12, 3 months ago 4.42017-May-26ndslice wrapper for LAPACK
memutils 1.0.10, 3 months ago 4.62015-Feb-17Overhead allocators, allocator-aware containers and lifetime management for D objects.
texit 1.3.2, 3 months ago 0.62022-Nov-22A text-based animation engine for D, based off arsd.simpledisplay.

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