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intel-intrinsics 1.6.1, 7 hours ago 4.02016-Jul-05Use SIMD intrinsics with Intel syntax, with any D compiler, targetting x86 or arm. Like simde but …
dud 1.1.1, 15 hours ago 3.42021-Aug-18Experimental tool for manipulating dub packages
mir-linux-kernel 1.2.1, 18 hours ago 4.52017-Nov-03Linux system call numbers for different architectures
expression 1.0.2, a day ago 1.12020-May-14Simple expression evaluator
steam-gns-d 0.1.0, a day ago 0.32021-Oct-21Updated D bindings for GameNetworkingSockets
dustmite 0.0.430, a day ago 2.42021-Oct-21General-purpose data reduction tool
hunt 1.7.12, a day ago 2.82016-May-12A refined core library for D programming language.
bcaa 0.0.8, 2 days ago 1.22020-Feb-13Simple associative array implementation for D (-betterC)
sumtype 1.2.0, 2 days ago 3.82018-Apr-05A sum type with pattern matching
mempooled 0.3.0, 3 days ago 2.42019-Dec-06Mempool implementation for dlang
arsd-official 10.3.7, 3 days ago 5.02015-Jun-01Subpackage collection for web, database, terminal ui, gui, scripting, and more with a commitment t…
dlang_raylib 1.0.0, 3 days ago 0.32021-Oct-19D bindings to the raylib library.
libtun 0.0.4, 3 days ago 0.82021-Jul-21TUN adapter for D
keccak-tiny 0.0.1-alpha, 4 days ago 0.02021-Oct-18Implementation of C lib keccak-tiny
libssh-d-symmetry 1.0.0, 4 days ago 0.62021-Oct-17D Programming Language binding for libssh: mulitplatform library implementing the SSHv2 and SSHv1 …
slack-d 0.0.3, 5 days ago 0.32021-Oct-10Slack API for D
bc-string 1.3.1, 5 days ago 3.22020-Dec-23Various string structures and utilities useable in @nogc or betterC code (RCString, String, TempCS…
argparse 0.4.0, 5 days ago 0.62021-Jun-25Parser for command-line arguments
ae 0.0.3102, 6 days ago 4.02014-Nov-19CyberShadow's ArmageddonEngine utilites for almost everything
result 1.0.0, 6 days ago 0.32021-Oct-16A minimal D library to wrap return values or error of functions.
tkd 1.1.14, 7 days ago 2.42014-May-04GUI toolkit for the D programming language based on Tcl/Tk
lwdr 0.4.0-beta.1, 7 days ago 1.52020-Oct-01LightWeight D Runtime targetting ARM Cortex CPU/MCUs
bindbc-raylib 0.9.1, 7 days ago 1.52020-Feb-19Dynamic and static bindings to raylib
rebindable 0.0.4, 7 days ago 0.52021-Sep-29D data structures that work for any type.
glui 0.4.3, 7 days ago 0.12021-Mar-13A simple UI library designed for IsodiTools and Samerion
bindbc-soloud 0.1.3, 7 days ago 0.52019-Jan-22BindBC binding to SoLoud
bindbc-wgpu 0.10.1, 7 days ago 1.22019-Oct-02D language binding to gfx-rs/wgpu
my 0.0.35, 7 days ago 1.92020-Jul-15A library collection of algorithms and data structures for personal use
isodi 0.4.3, 7 days ago 0.02021-Feb-15A small library for simple yet advanced isometric games
cli-args 3.0.1, 8 days ago 0.42021-Oct-14An extendible simple framework to parse command line options and arguments.
serialized 1.4.1, 8 days ago 1.02020-Jul-27D XML/JSON serialization code generator based on boilerplate
option 2.0.2, 9 days ago 0.42021-Oct-13A simple library for optional values.
requests 2.0.2, 9 days ago 4.62016-Apr-16http/ftp client library, inspired by python-requests
vibelog 0.6.8, 9 days ago 2.22012-May-19A light-weight embeddable blog implementation
bindbc-nodave 0.2.0, 9 days ago 0.32021-Oct-13Dynamic and static bindings to Nodave, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
rcdata 1.0.0-alpha.3, 10 days ago 0.42021-Apr-03A collection of parsers and serializers
dpq2 1.0.20, 10 days ago 4.42013-Sep-14Medium-level binding to the PostgreSQL database
watchexec 0.0.15, 10 days ago 1.12020-Aug-12monitor a filesystem for changes to execute a command
optional 1.3.0, 10 days ago 2.92018-Feb-25An optional/maybe type with safe dispatchingrange semantics
graphqld 3.10.0, 10 days ago 2.92019-Feb-25A library to handle the GraphQL Protocol
expected 0.3.1, 11 days ago 3.12019-May-06Implementation of expected idiom (error handling with ok and err)
audio-formats 1.3.5, 12 days ago 0.42020-Mar-18Streaming decoding support for popular audio formats.
styx2000 0.0.9, 12 days ago 1.02021-Aug-30Low-level, minimal implementation of Styx protocol (9P protocol from Plan 9/Inferno)
dub 1.27.0, 12 days ago 5.02013-Jan-14Package manager for D packages
faked 2.1.1, 14 days ago 2.32019-Feb-19Library to create fake data based on faker.js (generate names, emails, addresses and much more)
lifegame 1.2.0, 14 days ago 0.22021-Oct-07game Life on ncurses
dplug 12.1.16, 14 days ago 4.42013-Nov-15A library for crafting native audio plugins as simply as possible.
dlsplus 1.0.2, 15 days ago 0.02021-Oct-07D Language Server
mir-ion 0.1.67, 15 days ago 4.62020-Oct-04Fast, Expressive, and Easy to use Ion/JSON Serialization Library with optional SIMD Optimization.
msgbuf 0.0.8, 15 days ago 0.62021-Jun-14Protobuf-like data (de)serialisation using D meta programming.
fileformat 0.3.2, 15 days ago 0.02021-Jul-30Tool for recognizing file formats
erupted 2.1.45+v1.2.195, 16 days ago 3.12016-May-13Auto-generated D bindings for Vulkan
amalthea 1.0.1, 17 days ago 0.02021-Jul-14Linux-specific general purpose library
dparasail 0.3.1, 17 days ago 0.82020-Jan-03D Bindings for parasail alignment library.
concurrency 3.4.0, 17 days ago 1.72021-Jan-14concurrency library
cblas 2.3.1, 17 days ago 4.32014-Sep-22D BLAS header
idl2d 1.0.0, 18 days ago 0.32021-Oct-04Helper for converting Microsoft IDL files to D extracted from https://github.com/dlang/visuald/tre…
darg-plus 2.4.0, 18 days ago 0.52019-Jul-04Robust command line argument parsing for D plus useful extensions.
exceeds-expectations 0.8.0, 19 days ago 0.02020-Nov-22A simple, IDE-friendly assertion library
dutils 0.1.2-beta.1, 20 days ago 0.72021-Oct-01A collection of packages in the D Programming Language made by me.
mud 0.1.1, 20 days ago 0.52021-Mar-01Maple's Utility for D
dlib 0.23.0, 21 days ago 4.82013-Jul-13D language utility library
tg_d 0.0.8, 21 days ago 0.42021-Aug-24A library for creating Telegram bots
dhtslib 0.13.3+htslib-1.13, 21 days ago 1.32018-Apr-28D bindings for htslib
lumars 1.0.2, 21 days ago 0.42021-Aug-14A high level, lightweight LUA library.
d-properties 1.0.0, 21 days ago 0.32021-Oct-01D-language parser and serializer for Java-style properties files.
btdu 0.3.0, 21 days ago 2.42020-Nov-08sampling disk usage profiler for btrfs
code_checker 2.0.0, 22 days ago 0.82018-Jul-23Tool to check the quality of code for a review/inspection/PR
memgraph-d 0.0.4, 22 days ago 0.82021-Aug-13D bindings for the memgraph DB
mirror 0.3.1, 22 days ago 1.32019-Oct-02Compile and run time reflection
vibe-d 0.9.4, 22 days ago 5.02013-Jan-17Event driven web and concurrency framework
grimoire 0.5.1, 22 days ago 1.62018-Apr-25A fast, concurrent based scripting language for D
minerva 0.0.3, 24 days ago 0.12021-Sep-25Small linear algebra library.
symmetry_thrift_d 1.0.6, 25 days ago 1.22020-Nov-09D library for Apache Thrift RPC system
inilike 1.2.1, 25 days ago 0.72015-Jun-01Parsing .ini-like files used in Freedesktop systems
tasky 0.0.5, 26 days ago 0.62021-Sep-15Tagged network-message task engine
inochi-creator 0.5.6-beta.1, 27 days ago 0.32021-Jun-08Inochi2D rigging application
mir-algorithm 3.10.91, 28 days ago 4.92017-Jan-05Dlang Core Library
keepalive 1.1.1, 28 days ago 0.52021-Sep-23Tools to ensure pointers are kept on the stack.
tida 0.1.1-b3, 28 days ago 0.92021-Jan-26Tida is a library for creating 2D games, which is written with manual window creation and renderin…
asdf 0.7.12, 29 days ago 3.62016-May-02Fast, Expressive, and Easy to use JSON Serialization Library with optional SSE4 Optimization.
mir-core 1.1.83, 29 days ago 4.72018-Oct-06Base software building blocks: Algebraic types (aka sumtype/tagged union/variant), universal refle…
scheduled 1.0.2, 30 days ago 0.52021-Sep-21Simple CRON-style scheduling library.
tinyredis_util 0.6.1, 30 days ago 0.62019-Apr-10Low level utility functionality
emsi_containers 0.9.0, 30 days ago 4.92016-Jan-14Containers that use Phobos' experimental allocators
websocketd 0.1.0, 30 days ago 0.42021-Sep-22Web socket server
collections-d 0.4.5, 31 days ago 0.92020-Apr-07Advanced containers for D
d_mpdecimal 0.4.0, 32 days ago 0.42021-Sep-11Bindings and a wrapper for using limpdec, a package for correctly-rounded arbitrary precision deci…
valhalla_ecs 0.1.0, 33 days ago 0.02021-Feb-24A simple, easy-to-use yet robust ecs lib in D
ddh 1.1.0, 34 days ago 0.12021-Jan-23dd's hashing utility
vsignal 0.1.0, a month ago 0.32021-Sep-17A multipurpose Signal library
fluent-asserts 0.14.0-alpha.9, a month ago 2.62017-Apr-03Fluent assertions done right
sbin 0.10.0, a month ago 1.02019-May-13Simple binary [de]serialize
psd-d 0.6.0, a month ago 0.42021-Sep-15D PSD parsing library
eventy 0.1.4, a month ago 0.42021-Sep-08Easy to use event-loop dispatcher mechanism
nopromote 0.2.0, a month ago 0.32021-Jun-08A library to remove unnecessary upcasting.
cfg-lib 0.1.1, a month ago 0.82020-Mar-24Library for working with the CFG configuration format
utile 1.2.13, a month ago 0.72021-Mar-06Useful things for D
dagon 0.12.0-beta1, a month ago 2.72017-Apr-053D game engine for D
med 1.1.0, a month ago 2.32014-Nov-29MicroEmacs written in D

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