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Name Last update Score Registered Description
appbase 0.1.14, 2 hours ago 1.02019-Aug-01App public infrastructure.
database 1.1.25, 2 hours ago 0.72019-Jun-19Lightweight native MySQL/MariaDB & PostgreSQL driver
mir-algorithm 3.7.3, 16 hours ago 4.92017-Jan-05Dlang Core Library
serve-d 0.6.0-beta.1, 19 hours ago 2.02018-Mar-24Microsoft Language Server Protocol implementation using workspace-d
workspace-d 3.5.0-pre.9, 20 hours ago 3.72017-Jan-21Provides functions for IDEs for managing DCD, Dscanner and Dfmt. Usable as application and library
excel-d 0.5.6, 21 hours ago 3.92017-Mar-20Excel bindings for D
async 0.2.5, a day ago 2.42018-May-06A cross-platform event loop library of asynchroneous network sockets.
buffer 0.2.30, a day ago 2.12017-Oct-17A protocol buffer & RPC library
mustache-d 0.1.4, a day ago 4.22013-Mar-20Mustache template engine for D.
pure-dependency-injector 0.9.18, a day ago 0.32019-May-09A "pure" dependency injector for D
vayne 0.0.46, a day ago 1.42016-Jun-25Mustache-inspired template compiler and interpreter for D
dplug 9.1.6, a day ago 3.12013-Nov-15A library for crafting native audio plugins as simply as possible.
hunt-entity 2.5.3, a day ago 2.72018-Aug-28Entity is an object-relational mapping (ORM) tool for the D programming language. Referring to the…
hunt-database 2.0.0, 2 days ago 3.02018-Aug-28Database abstraction layer for D programing language, support PostgreSQL / MySQL.
crypto 0.2.13, 2 days ago 2.62018-May-30A D Library of encrypto, decrypto(3DES, AES, TEA, RSA...), encode, hash, and message digital signa…
timingwheels 0.0.6, 2 days ago 0.62019-Nov-23Hierarchical Timing Wheels
struct-params 1.1.1, 2 days ago 0.42019-Mar-16Default params using structs.
symmetry-linux 0.0.5, 3 days ago 1.02019-Dec-10Linux declarations missing from druntime
kafel 0.0.0, 3 days ago 0.82019-Dec-11D bindings for Google Kafel seccomp library
optional 1.0.0-beta.4, 3 days ago 3.02018-Feb-25An optional/maybe type with safe dispatchingrange semantics
easysettings 0.0.3, 4 days ago 0.32018-Oct-16An easier way of saving and loading settings
arsd-official 4.4.0, 4 days ago 5.02015-Jun-01Subpackage collection for web, database, terminal ui, gui, scripting, and more.
hunt-framework 2.2.3, 5 days ago 3.02018-Aug-28A high performance full-stack Web framework.
hunt-cache 0.6.1, 5 days ago 1.72018-Aug-28A Powerfull Cache library for D. Support memory、redis、memcached backend.
mysql-native 3.0.0, 5 days ago 4.22012-May-19A native MySQL driver implementation based on Steve Teale's original
aurorafw 0.0.1-alpha.4, 5 days ago 1.42018-May-12A Powerful General Purpose Framework
during 0.1.2, 6 days ago 1.02019-Dec-05dlang wrapper around linux io_uring API
mempooled 0.1.2, 6 days ago 1.12019-Dec-06Mempool implementation for dlang
vibe-core 1.8.0, 6 days ago 4.62016-Oct-25The I/O core library of vibe.d.
hunt-redis 1.0.0, 6 days ago 2.32019-Jul-23A redis client library for D.
autowrap 0.5.1, 7 days ago 1.32018-Apr-18Wrap existing D code for use in other languages
dpp 0.4.0, 7 days ago 4.12018-Apr-09Include C/C++ headers directly in D files
vibe-d 0.9.0-alpha.1, 7 days ago 5.02013-Jan-17Event driven web and concurrency framework
unit-threaded 0.10.5, 7 days ago 5.02013-Nov-13Advanced multi-threaded unit testing framework with minimal to no boilerplate using built-in unitt…
hunt-pool 1.0.0-rc.6, 7 days ago 1.12019-Jul-23A common object pooling library.
math-primes 0.1.1, 8 days ago 0.42019-Nov-24Some utilities related to prime numbers
mirror 0.1.6, 8 days ago 2.12019-Oct-02Compile and run time reflection
dsurf 0.0.1, 8 days ago 0.32019-Dec-05Library for D programming language that provides tools to work with surfaces (2D grids)
xlsxreader 1.1.2, 8 days ago 1.32019-Jun-05A very simple xlsx reader
hunt 1.4.2, 8 days ago 3.22016-May-12A refined core library for D programming language.
hunt-xml 1.0.0-rc.1, 9 days ago 0.62019-Dec-05A xml parsing library for D programming language.
pfft 1.0.6, 9 days ago 3.52017-Jun-23Fast, in place power of two split format FFT library.
hunt-amqp-client 1.0.0-beta.1, 9 days ago 0.72019-Dec-04AMQP Client Library for D Programming Language. Support for RabbitMQ and other AMQP Server.
hunt-amqp 1.0.0-beta.1, 9 days ago 0.62019-Dec-04AMQP library for D programming language, based on hunt-net.
hunt-proton 1.0.0-beta.1, 9 days ago 0.72019-Dec-04AMQP Protocol library for D programming language.
intel-intrinsics 1.2.2, 10 days ago 4.32016-Jul-05The most practical D SIMD solution! Using SIMD intrinsics with Intel syntax with D.
dls 0.26.0, 10 days ago 3.82018-Mar-21D Language Server
graphqld 2.0.0, 10 days ago 1.92019-Feb-25A library to handle the GraphQL Protocol
jupyter_wire 0.1.0-beta.1, 11 days ago 0.92018-Oct-16Jupyter kernel written in D
unixtime 0.2.3, 12 days ago 0.72016-Aug-09Simple portable wrapper for handling POSIX Time (ie Unix Time)
taggedalgebraic 0.11.8, 12 days ago 4.12015-Aug-13A "tagged union" implementation with transparent operator forwarding.
asciitable 0.0.10, 12 days ago 0.52018-Jan-28A simple asciitable.
ae 0.0.2500, 13 days ago 2.62014-Nov-19CyberShadow's ArmageddonEngine utilites for almost everything
antlr-d 1.6.5, 14 days ago 1.92018-Jun-27ANTLR4 runtime library
dshould 1.1.0, 15 days ago 2.02018-Jun-05D fluent asserts library
darg-plus 2.1.1, 15 days ago 0.12019-Jul-04Robust command line argument parsing for D plus useful extensions.
datefmt 1.0.4, 16 days ago 0.92017-May-14Datetime parsing and formatting
expected 0.2.3, 16 days ago 1.22019-May-06Implementation of expected idiom for D
erupted 2.0.49+v1.1.129, 17 days ago 2.32016-May-13Auto-generated D bindings for Vulkan
migemo-d 0.0.1-dev, 18 days ago 0.32019-Nov-26cmigemo written in D.
utils 0.3.4, 18 days ago 0.72017-Jun-01Some misc. functions and classes for D
pyd 0.13.0, 18 days ago 4.62014-Jan-17Pyd is a library for the D programming language that wraps the raw Python/C API with a cleaner, si…
dfmt 0.11.0, 18 days ago 4.52015-Apr-21Dfmt is a formatter for D source code
sdutil 0.4.0, 18 days ago 1.32019-May-05Helpers for communicate with systemd
quirks 0.5.3, 18 days ago 0.42019-Jun-25Metaprogramming library for the D language
ip2proxy-d 2.2.0, 19 days ago 0.62018-Jun-29IP2Proxy D Library
requests 1.0.12, 19 days ago 4.52016-Apr-16http/ftp client library, inspired by python-requests
ctprimes 1.0.2, 19 days ago 0.62017-May-15Prime numbers available at compile-time using CTFE.
silly 1.0.0, 20 days ago 5.02018-Aug-12Better test runner for D
getr 0.1.0, 20 days ago 0.42019-Nov-24A benchmarking wrapper around getrusage.
ikod-containers 0.0.4, 20 days ago 1.12019-Nov-02containers library
pp 0.1.0, 20 days ago 1.02018-Jun-15The base library of the polyplex engine. (Heavily WIP, non-idiomatic)
ppc 0.3.0, 20 days ago 0.42018-Jun-15Content managment for polyplex
sumtype 0.9.3, 21 days ago 4.52018-Apr-05A sum type with pattern matching
sanspam 0.1.5, 21 days ago 0.12018-Aug-31Simple mailbox cleaning tool.
bolts 1.3.1, 22 days ago 3.02018-Feb-22Utility library for meta programming
msgtrans 0.0.1, 22 days ago 0.32019-Nov-21Message Transport Framework. Based on TCP, WebSocket, UDP transmission protocol.
spelling 1.0.0, 23 days ago 0.32019-Nov-21Simple Spell Checking library based off some articles on the web
far3api 3.0.5511, 23 days ago 0.42014-Jul-30Plugin API for Far Manager 3
dpq 0.11.0, 23 days ago 1.52016-Jan-20A postgresql (libpq, pq) library aiming to be simple to use
hunt-shiro 1.0.0, 24 days ago 1.62019-Jun-03A powerful and easy-to-use D security framework that performs authentication, authorization, crypt…
bindbc-sdlgfx 0.0.1, 24 days ago 0.42019-Nov-19Dynamic bindings to SDL2_gfx, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
symlinkd 1.0.1, 24 days ago 0.02019-Jun-09Portable symbolic link management.
mir-random 2.2.8, 24 days ago 4.82016-Nov-25Dlang Random Number Generators
hunt-http 0.5.0-beta.1, 24 days ago 1.92018-Jul-18http module for hunt.
hunt-net 0.4.4, 24 days ago 1.82018-Jul-18A network library for hunt.
raylib-d 2.5.0, 25 days ago 0.82019-Nov-16D binding for Raylib 2.5.
dpq-o3o 0.11.0, 26 days ago 0.42019-Nov-06A postgresql (libpq, pq) library aiming to be simple to use
dlsl 0.1.3, 26 days ago 0.82017-Jan-01glsl math library based on gl3n
dhtslib 0.10.1, 26 days ago 0.02018-Apr-28D bindings for htslib
dualnumbers 1.0.2, 27 days ago 0.32019-Nov-16A dual number type for automatic differentation.
dklib 0.1.1, 27 days ago 0.22019-Oct-16D Templates port of attractivechaos/klib
intervaltree 0.14.0, 27 days ago 0.02019-Mar-21Interval Tree implementations.
mir-optim 1.5.1, 27 days ago 2.32018-Jul-08Optimisation Framework
ddsp 2.3.4, 29 days ago 0.82017-Aug-26A small library for digital signal processing in D
jieba 0.0.2, 29 days ago 1.22019-Sep-18Jieba chinese word segmentation D Deimos Bindings.
siryul 0.6.0, 30 days ago 0.52018-Oct-16A simple multi-format serialization library.
stringnogc 0.0.3, 30 days ago 0.32019-Nov-09GC-free string and writeln
hunt-reflection 0.2.1, 31 days ago 1.12019-Apr-29Extensions to runtime reflection in D. It's forked from Mihail-K's Witchcraft originally.
dunex-auth 1.0.0, 31 days ago 0.02019-Nov-12DUNEX Authentication Library

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